Well Coach, How are you gonna change our team?

Now that Brooksy has it through his head that John Tortorella is the Canucks new head coach, what is Torts going to bring to our team?

We all know JT has temper, he’s quick witted and strong willed. In Vancouver, that might be a good thing. Looking down the line of coaches who have come short of a Cup, Torts is one of two coaches who previously coached a Stanley Cup winning team.

Will the Nucks be his second ring? I sure hope so, but right now that is a mere pipe dream.

John has a lot to do to bring the Canucks back to superstardom. They don’t score near enough goals like they used to, their powerplay is non existant, they have a goalie who may or may not want to play here and I THINK, an identity crisis.
I wish the fix was as easy as buying a new corvette, but everyone on this team can do much better than that, and there is no mid life crisis.

There are some serious fixes needed this season and John Tortorella may be one fix that trickles down into the rest of them. From the outside, he looks like a guy that can get the most out of his guys and he makes his teams work hard, I like that.

I want to know if he will challenge @strombone1 for the team poker title. If you saw the HBO series 24/7 he was quite a character and it kept everyone tuning in. Alain was a similar coach who was withheld a bit as well. No information is information in Vancity, so don’t think there won’t be soundbites when he says nothing.

I don’t want to beat this drum too hard so I will leave it at this: Torts will need to turn around a team that was 2 years removed from the Cup being in the hall next to the Canucks dressing room, and he will need to get that team with a few matured parts back there.

Godspeed Coach

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