Does it count?

So on the weekend, Jose Bautista hit a monster bomb to left field that looked like it was just another statistic. What happened ended up being one of the greatest catches in MLB history. What I don’t like about it though, is that it was indeed a catch.

I believe that a homerun, fouled off, or like type catch should only count if you maintain possession and do not entirely leave the field of play. What happened in THIS case was that Shuck caught the ball and barreled over the left field wall. Was it a great catch? Heck yes, it was amazing and I couldn’t help but rewind it many times. Should it have counted? No. And that is where the great debate begins.

Derek Jeter has made a catch where he dove 4 rows into the fans to make a catch, which counted. He wasn’t in play anymore and again, in my opinion, it should have been a foul ball. Baseball is a funny sport sometimes with its aged rules and lack of commitment to the 21st century. Don’t you think its time they switched some of their rules to reflect an evolving game?

I wish the obvious counted, if its over the fence and it took the guy with the ball and he didn’t hold onto the wall, it should be a home run. We see wall snags all the time and they constantly show up on Top 10s. This catch on Bautista will too, but it should be a routine Home run.

Oh well, we all saw something pretty awesome.

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