Beer Me

Tonight is night 2 of Hopscotch in Kelowna, B.C. Its a great event that brings craft brew, spirits, wine and food together for a weekend of awesome.

Fair to say its gonna be a beauty of a night and i will post some pictures but maybe not post some pictures. Its been awhile since i did anything on here and i intend to get this going again. My talents seem to be getting dragged around on another site so i will post something i trust, my own timeline, my rules.

Its also fantasy football day tomorrow which means i go from loving husband and father of two, to zombie switching channels for 3 hours straight. The Steelers and Vikings are in London to pay the queen a visit. I hear prince william is looking forward to seeing AP dominate. I personally am excited to see my top draft pick this year, Leve’on Bell make his season debut.

Gronk is out so i can rest easy in the Luongo league this week. Should seal up a win anyways but it would have been nice to be sure. Look for the seahawks to run amok on the texans tomorrow and for Marshawn Lynch to have a big day. JJ Watt might disagree though.

FInally, its HOCKEY SEASON FOLKS!!!! The Canucks begin their quest on thursday and i will put a season preview up later this week. I am very excited to see it all go down. Hunter Shinkaruk and Bo Horvat, both of the Canucks first round picks this year, have made the opening night lineup. If Torts can get them going, we might have a potential rookie of the year candidate on our team.

But off to the beer folks, cya soon!

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