Canucks fed up with moral victories

Team builders, character games, good shifts, blah blah blah blah blah….ENOUGH!!!! At some point, moral victories have to be nauseating in the Canucks dressing room. If you aren’t scoring, eventually none of that stuff matters. The Canucks need to start putting the puck in the net more consistently and they need to get it done now.

Looking through the lineup there are voids by the names that commonly are littering the score sheet every game. Henrik, Daniel, Santorelli, Garrison, Kassian; they are all supposed to be the guys putting the puck in the gaping 6 x 4…or has that changed recently? It sure seems like it. The Canucks just can’t seem to score goals this season. As soon as they do score a few, its followed by silence for days. When are the guys that are supposed to be our offense leaders going to step their game up and show everyone that it isn’t just the great play that Vancouver is praising.

Its definitely not for a lack of trying. The Canucks have looked pretty impressive lately and really a few bounces their way or heck a call every now and then, might flip the switch. There has to be something out for the Canucks as they never seem to get calls to go their way. They bring on a fair amount themselves but the absolute ridiculousness that the refs are missing BOTH ways is unreal. The diving by the usual guys (Burrows and Kesler) seems to be down considerably and they have learned their lesson. No reason to see this bias continue. This isn’t just a Canucks fan saying this, watch a handful of games and you might see the same thing too, who knows?

If it wasn’t for the goaltending tandem of Luongo and Lack, this year’s team might look a lot worse than it does. Losing hurts, but losing bad hurts way more, ask Calgary. Roberto and Eddie have had spectacular seasons thus far and injuries aside, these two guys have really stepped their games up. Currently, Eddie Lack is making sure, if the puck ain’t going in 200 feet down the ice, it better not go in passed his legs either. A pleasant change from Cory Schneider, there was a chance Lack may have not been able to live up to Schneider’s #1 status type play, but he has been everything the Canucks have asked of him and he keeps shutting the door.

John Tortorella has done a marvelous job this season getting the grit out of the team and onto the ice. Alain Vigneault did not get this type of team, not even in the run of 2011. Torts just needs some goals to start flowing his way and he might get a run he never saw coming. The team is by far one of the best defensively, at least on the PK anyways. It doesn’t seem like they are during 5 on 5 but the combination of great goaltending and stellar defensive responsibility, Vancouver is hanging around every game despite the scoreboard. Torts isn’t afraid to let his tough guys loose either if the game permits. They are a more tight knit group that stands up for each other and its stars.

This team needs to drive the net a bit more in fact, a lot more. They need to establish a more dominant net presence with Sestito or Weise or someone, anyone that can hang around and get bumped up a bit. Bertuzzi never found that to be a problem and look where he is. His body took a huge toll but he became one of the best power forwarrds ever in the league. Zack Kassian could learn a lot by just cementing himself in there and building that role. Its time for the guys that were brought in to make the impact they were asked to do.

With Alex Burrows coming back very soon and Alex Edler making his return in the the game they are calling “The game that penalties were called”, as well as Roberto Luongo hopefully coming back asap, the Nucks might just have some aces up their sleeves yet. If not, Eddie Lack might be asked to start shooting 200 feet down the ice. I feel like I have said this before about another one of our goalie, oh ya, I did.

Its getting frustrating waiting for all this to come together though, but thats what we do with this team, that’s what we do.

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