Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Desean Jackson is a Washington Redskin now. What we DON’T know yet, is if he is a Crip or a Blood. Secondly, he is NOT Bane from Batman.

It sure was a surprise to see one of the leagues top WR get released with no flinching. Jackson is a monster on the field and makes defenses pay weekly when he is usually seen going deep in the end zone for yet another 40+ yard TD. The first reports on twitter and elsewhere said he was affiliated with a gang and that the Eagles were wanting to part ways with him via trade or release.

Looking back, the Eagles would have known if Desean was in a gang from day one. Even if he was, you can probably paint a decent section of the NFL with that brush as there are many players that grew up in less than favorable circumstances. So why axe him?

From the looks of the picture above, I’d be scared if he might be Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Dude blew open a plane, for real. Then he tried to kill the Steelers…ok the Rogues with explosions and stuff. Could D-Jax be capable of that? No, I doubt it. He doesn’t have that British accent, probably a pre-req.

Is he a Crip or is he a Blood? Secrets out most likely, Bloods win this one. Big uproar when he chose them, gives the Bloods a real foot in the door to go pro.
(this part of the story used as a joke only, it would be ridiculous to associate Desean Jackson with either of these groups)

Ok seriously, there had to be serious reasons to outright can Mr. Jackson with no return. He isn’t exactly the poster child for good behavior or smart behavior. This is the same guy that not once, but twice dropped the ball on the goal line. He isn’t quite Fred-Ex dumb, but he has personal issues most likely.

2 DeSean Jackson premature touchdown celebrations!

What Jackson does right though is he signs with a huge rival in the Redskins who just happen to be in the same division as those same Eagles. He gets a better QB in RGIII who can work with his own creativeness and other offensive weapons like Alfred Morris, Pierre GarKon, Jordan Reed and Leonard Hankerson. If the Skins O-line improves and keeps RGIII standing, Desean could definitely be in line for a huge 2014 season.

If Barack Obama approves of this deal, its the sky for D-Jax this year, and maybe….juuuuuuust maybe, Desean can legally bust out a red flag out his pocket for a TD, just don’t dunk it.

Oh I can’t wait for football season.

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