TSN Signs Luongo To Multi-Game Deal

Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Van Halen, and Nirvana; for one or two nights only you would do anything to see them perform. Well, get your popcorn ready, Roberto Luongo has signed a 2 night deal with TSN to be a guest analyst during the playoffs.

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, Roberto is center stage on April 27 and 28. He is no stranger to TSN and their amazing NHL coverage; Luongo has been featured on numerous skits aired during intermissions and pre-game setups. From his time in Florida….the first time to the final chapter with the Canucks, Luongo hasn’t disappointed.

A beauty for sure

Will Luongo bring crazy antics and hijinx or will he be professional and provide quotes like “That was a good stop” or “I can’t believe that guy stole my job at the Olympics”. He is a superstar on the ice and a legend on twitter. His Twitter handle @strombone1 has just under 325k followers and most of them hang on his every hashtag. He has been testing his latest material today

Or will he pout and make excuses for his pathetic losses to yours truly in fantasy football this past season?

Ya, so what? I blame the  snow day on my placement. That was the 2nd time I beat @Strombone1 though

Ya, so what? I blame the snow day on my placement.
That was the 2nd time I beat @Strombone1 though

Any way you look at it, Bobby Lu will give TSN some help in the ratings department, not like they need it though.

As per TSN’s contracts, Luongo’s contract and dollar value were not disclosed. It IS however, believed to be in the Bob Mackenzie range per episode. After a bizarre season for the Canucks and Luongo, a step away from the seriousness of the game is just what the Strombone ordered.

No doubt there will be a few questions about how his season transpired but I think there will be interest in how funny he can be on camera. If he’s anything like we have see, he will easily have a TV analyst contract the second he retires.

Can’t wait to see THING 1 in a suit and greasy hair talking about his buddies Carey Price and TIm Thomas.

Hockey sure is great sometimes!

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