But Its My Hockey Scores

Having the Canucks out of the playoffs really puts your life into perspective, there is actually life outside of hockey. Thankfully the hockey this spring has been so amazingly awesome it hasn’t mattered the Nucks are out. Multiple OT’s, Patrick Kane’s OH WOW goal and PK Subban; what’s not to like? Oh right, life outside of hockey. Let’s just pretend I wrote that later.

Montreal took at 2-1 series lead Tuesday night over the Bruins and up until this point, zero riots in french town. Now, if the Habs were to let’s say win round 2? OK it would berserk mode. I am also loving the fact that PK Subban is actually a hero now. No more “blame it on PK”. This kid is wicked good and I’m proud to say he’s Canadian like me, but…he is more Canadien…hmmm not sure how I can figure that one out.

If you happen to have seen Mr. Kane’s goal the other day, which was recently, you appreciate a good goal. You also appreciate mullets and do not like that he doesn’t play for your team, unless you like Chicago; in that case you’re dead to me. Here it is if you have been in a cave or you know, you were outside:

Oh, before you see this goal, the main photo is courtesy of cbc.ca. OK, now here’s the goal:

Patrick Kane dazzles with awesome backhand goal

Neat right? Ya, I thought so too.

Still pretty bummed Columbus is out, that would have been fun.

So to recap:: ya that’s right two colons::Montreal winning and not rioting, yet. PK Subban is really cool, canadien AND canadian. And finally Patrick Kane is better than pretty much anything you have ever done.

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