New York Hockey Team Wins Big Game

Well folks, it happened. The Rangers (team that beat Canucks in 1994) are in the Stanley Cup Final with Alain Vigneault as their coach (Canucks fired him a year ago). Let that sit for a second…i’ll wait.
The New York Rangers are back in the big dance. Henrik Lundqvist has a chance to prove he is all powerful.

The Big Apple will be celebrating for a few more days and if they do it right, a few more after that. Gary Bettman has to be just going bonkers right now hoping that the Kings somehow finish off the Blackhawks. A NY/LA Final? Could it really be? There is a chance it will but tomorrow night has to happen first.

Canada now has zero teams left in the NHL Playoffs with the Canadiens losing to the Rangers on Thursday evening. It was a good run but we only had the one team, so that was basically what kept a lot of Canada’s faithful interested. Now, you have to pick a team that most likely you hate.

Do you pick the freshly minted Rangers? AV is behind the bench, back in the Final and running hot with equal contributions up and down the lineup, sound familiar? Or maybe its the Kings? The team that simply has decided not to listen to the critics and is still in the driver’s seat against Chicago. How about the Blackhawks? If the Hawks somehow go all the way and win, they will be a modern day dynasty.

Chicago would have 3 Cups inside of 5 years if they pull it all off and have kept a large part of their original group intact. Just shows that you can fully rebuild and make it work. I would love it if the Canucks were able to pull something like that off. Time will tell.

So hats off to the New York Rangers, Alain Vigneault and hopefully future Canuck Rick Nash. You earned a spot in the toughest competition in sports, go get it!

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