Catchy Slogans Win Stanley Cups

It seems like every year, some team has a witty or inspirational slogan painted on their dressing room wall or made into a t shirt for the whole team to wear in solidarity. Should these catch phrases or slogans drive a team any more than battling through 82 games to get there? Apparently, catchy slogans win Stanley Cups.

“Climb the mountain”, “one win at a time”, “play for each other”, “you’re a minus, you sit next game”…ok that wasn’t one. There always seems to be one or more teams that adopt this approach and somehow they think it gives them a better chance to win. Lets look at a few examples:

2004 Calgary Flames – a green hardhat is given to the hardworking player of the game. Great, you have hard workers and a guy gets the hard hat until he showers and then could care less until the next win. Worked until the last game of the year, no one got it after that, Tampa won.

2006 Edmonton Oilers – awful homeless looking leather jacket. Again, hardworking player type award that wasn’t given away on the last game of the year, Carolina won.

2007 Dallas Stars – GIT R DONE hats in camoflage. I could not WAIT until the Canucks beat those clowns to shove that stupid idea in their face. It took 7 games but it happened.

Maybe teams paint the Stanley Cup on a wall in their dressing room with the numbers 1-16 or 16-1 and cross off the games as they win. Its not original anymore fellas, everyone does it now. This year’s New York Rangers have a neat Stanley Cup puzzley deal that adds a ring for each win, or some part of the cup. Kinda cool, its different, cheezy but different.

I commend the Columbus Blue Jackets for even bothering with their effort this post season. Look at the puck display they created. Good for them, good for themmmm. You’re cute Columbus, don’t ever change. Sure they had 2 pucks on that board but did they really think they were going to get 16? Cute.

I think the inspirational stuff needs to end. The new motivation is on social media. The Montreal Canadiens and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon had a friendly wager that didn’t quite go the Habs way….take a look.

These are so depressing and yet so great! Look online for all 10 photos.

And finally, to get the Cup started right, the Rangers own LA before the opening faceoff:

Winning is an attitude….ok I stole that one from somewhere. Enjoy the Final folks!

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