Ryan Kesler A Canuck No More?

The Canucks are going into a transition period and it may mean that key parts are moved for the good of the team. It’s tough to see fan favorites get moved and its even tougher when they are arguably the best player on the team. The NHL Draft starts on Friday and there is a realistic chance Ryan Kesler will hang up his Canucks jersey for good and move on to new adventures. This will make me sad.

Kesler was drafted by Vancouver in 2003 in one of the best draft classes of all time. He made waves in Manitoba for the Moose and when called up was a fixture for the Canucks. He was hated by opponents, loved by fans and did all the things that made a player a true Canuck. He was edgy but cool, gritty but flashed finesse, 20 but then 17. Kes paired with Alex Burrows to become one of the most hated duos in the league because they could score and piss you off at the same time.

Where will Kesler go? Chicago, Anaheim, Pittsburgh? All great choices that could use a 2nd line pivot. Kesler with Kane would be death to Vancouver but it would cement Chicago as THE favorite to win the Cup next season. Anaheim has lots of talent to surround RK as well but is that the best fit? With two uber star centers in Crosby and Malkin, Kesler would either become a winger or the Pens would move Geno. Tough call for Benning because any way they look at it, Ryan Kesler is not a Canuck.

However, if Kesler DOES leave, the intense backlash from certain “wardrobe-less photos” will die down.

Uhhhhh Photo courtesy of ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue

Photo courtesy of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue

I mean, Ryan, thats your bum. C’mon dude.

Trevor Linden and Jim Benning are ushering in a new era of the Canucks and for a player he helped develop while playing along side Linden, it could bring great returns and a chance for the Canucks to truly grow. The Sedins aren’t far behind on this train and it will only be a matter of time before they are asked to lessen their role.

Well Kes, if this is goodbye, its good luck too! You have been an amazing player, your heart always shows on your sleeve and some of your liners kept us in stitches. Hopefully we can destroy you on whatever team you go to.

Just remember, those silvers aren’t golds!
“Say hi to Julie for me”

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Cover photo courtesy blogs.theprovince.com

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