Canucks Hoping To Go From Boring To Scoring

When free agency opened on July 1, the Canucks had a few bucks to spend after dealing Ryan Kesler, Jason Garrison and buying out David Booth. Most expected Vancouver to up their chances of scoring by adding the latest UFA talent to their roster. Well, they signed a goalie; albeit a good one, hardly their strongest need. Ryan Miller will backstop the team this season and the next 2 after but scoring is still the glaring vacancy. The Canucks are hoping to go from boring to scoring this season.

In case you haven’t noticed, the scoring wasn’t exactly bursting at the seams last year. It was dormant, it was dormants fantasy, if you call right now for two easy payments of 29.99 you can buy what dormant wants to be. So basically I have either lost you at this point or you get what I am saying, Nucks didn’t be scoring last year. Let’s recap who could have scored:
Anyone on the first line, most of the second line, at least two guys on the third line, once in a blue moon the fourth line and four of the six d men.

Fast forward to today – we have less of those guys that could have scored for us. New GM Jim Benning did add Radim Vrbata who will be good for at least 20 goals with the Twins this season, the returning players in the Kesler deal Nick Bonino and Lucas Sbisa will probably add a combined 15-20 as well and quite frankly if the Canucks get amnesia this summer they can go back to their normal scoring ways and most of their problems should fix themselves.

Scoring is a tough problem to fix when you have to redefine chemistry from top to bottom on your roster. Thankfully, an all star goalie in Ryan Miller will make up for any sort of transition period as the season starts. The other bonus is we don’t hate Miller yet so he would really have to screw up early for things to fall apart. Its practically Christmas again Canucks fans! Remember that moment when we are so excited for the new guy that we’re blinded by the fact we overpaid for mediocrity but we haven’t won the Cup ever so….basically it’s no big deal welcome to the team.

I will say, the Canucks have made some drastic moves to change the complexion of their organization and with Benning and Linden at the helm, they MIGHT just be on the turn for the better. Time will tell.

If all of that fails, we can always try and sign Luis Suarez.

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