Lebron James, WiFi and Summer

Well, I just finished a week of holidays at the lake with my family and I couldn’t be happier. Life away from the digital society, work and general responsibility is such a great release. The summer brings out the best in many people but lately it seems the Toronto Blue Jays may not agree. They have resorted to playing normal Blue Jays baseball and quite frankly they need to stop it immediately. If they are going to try and buy a pennant they better win to make it happen. Ok enough about them.

When you go on holidays away from the city and head to a lake or cabin, you forfeit the new must have item: WIFI. Now, I have data on my phone but I feel guilty when I have to use it so I refrain as much as possible. When you part from Twitter and Facebook and the Internet; you basically are disconnected from the world. It’s such a liberating feeling to not be reliant on “the phone” or “the iPad”. I did my best to stay this way but the wife gave me some info that reconnected my brain and started the wheels in motion:

Lebron James is going back to Cleveland. Not a shock to me. ESPN is happy that they can now talk about him after every commercial break.

At first my thought was “the guys that burnt their jerseys are gonna be piiiiisssed”. But then I thought a few other things: 1) he’s #6 now, and 2) he’s surrounded by budding superstars that could catapult the Cavs back to the top. Wow! Read these names: Lebron, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. Uh, they gone be good real quick. The NBA landscape has changed again.

So all those jersey sales will make Lebron the top selling jersey again for a year or two and all his supporting cast will get an instant boost in the bank account too!

I leave you with a few final thoughts until next time:

– The Canucks are still working away to get what they need to compete this season, don’t lose hope nuckleheads!

– National Treasure with Nic Cage is a visual masterpiece. But….the sequel was wasted time. Still, good for you Mr. Cage for staying relevant.

– Ninja Turtles has a new movie in August and yes I will see it. Memories.

– Coffee production in Brazil will definitely take a monster hit in the next month or so after the epic collapse at the World Cup. Nobody wants to make coffee when they are so sad.

– Think about this for a second and really soak it in: beavers, created the entire forest for you. Thank them next time you see one.

Have a great summer and I’ll put something out if the Nucks put something out.

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