NFL Canada’s “Digital Street Team” SIGN..ME…UP

After the Seahawks aaaaabsolutely CRUSHED the Broncos at SuperBowl XLVIII, there was a large void in many fans lives. What would we do until the draft? Do they still serve wings after football season? SHOOT! It’s February, I forgot to buy Christmas presents. These are all things that I am sure are quite common once they award the Lombardi trophy.

Now that the NFL is back, preseason is well underway and with that comes all the fun stuff that surrounds the game. In NFL Canada’s case, they have come up with their very own “Digital Street Team”. These brave individuals, when chosen, will help spread the the awesomeness that is the NFL across Canada via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Etc.

You’re probably thinking, is there a fee for this? No, but I’m glad you asked. Will a salesperson visit my home? Nope, it’s free. You can follow as much or as little as you like. If you are over the age of 18 you are already pre approved! How bout that? The NFL is by far the best marketed league in sports and every year they continue to prove why.

The NFL is so popular now, when people hear thanksgiving, they forget that turkey is still part of the celebration. Football has changed the landscape of how other sports market their leagues. When you have a multi billion dollar empire, you must be doing a few things right.

#WannabeDST is the new #icebucketchallenge. It’s what you get your hair cut for. You want your new girlfriend’s parents to know you are an ambassador of the N….F….L. How much better does it get than that?

I will be creating a campaign to earn my spot on this prestigious roster and take my place among royalty. Watch out NFL Canada, you won’t know what hit’cha. See that pic at the top? That’s Cameron Wake. Biggest CFL -> NFL contract ever! Sacked Tom Brady on MNF and an absolute beast on the field. HE is NFL Canada at it’s finest. That’s what I will be bringing you as a DST member. SUIT UP!!

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