The Great Canadian Bacon Chase

I am a humanitarian, I am a people person and because I love bacon, I am a promotor and such. I am letting you all know about an event taking place in September called “The Great Canadian Bacon Chase”. Get this: you do some running, people give you bacon, you do some more running, more bacon. You finish the run, pancakes and bacon. Not sure why you are still reading at this point, we are talking about bacon.


The Great Canadian Bacon Chase is a charity event to raise money for Inn From The Cold. This charity houses people that are on the street and need a warm bed in the cold winter months for a night. As we know in Kelowna, it definitely can get cold at night, maybe not Alberta or Saskatchewan cold but it’s a real problem. These are people that don’t have anywhere else to go and really just need that loving care that a warm bed brings.

Please visit

All the details you need are there and it gives you the confirmation that bacon indeed will rule your life that day.

This is a 5k race or a 0.05k saunter as it says and good ol’ BC Bacon is there with you every step of the way starting at Michaelbrook Golf Club. On September 28, 2014 bring your appetite and your lazy running legs out for a great cause.

Oh, I almost forgot; they are serving caesars and Starbucks coffee.

Is there any reason to NOT go?

Contact Kevin Lavigne for any additional information

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