This Man Scores Your Goals And He’s A Canuck


Radim Vrbata is on pace for 82 goals, that’s a lot! We need a nickname for him. Here are some ideas:

The Pace – Because he’s on pace for 82, not too bold but its a nickname

Radeem The Dream – It rhymes and is kinda basketbally

Staring Is Caring – That stare again, just so lethal

That’s all I have so far, what do you have?

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One comment

  1. Just think of how the announcers can accentuate The Dream as a nickname though. Goal scored by number seventeen, Radim “THE DRRRRR-EEEEEAMMM” Vrrrr-bataaaaaaa!

    Anywho, I’ve also heard people suggest Vr-bad-ass. Just sayin’…

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