Chris Higgins 7 Minute Abs Program Paying Off

The title alone had you clicking…admit it. It did. What’s even MORE impressive is the fact there seems to be actual stats backing up Chris Higgins and his line mates early production. Have the Canucks turned the page on a tumultuous season that could be dubbed “Torts-ture“? See its like torture but I made it into a pun. Chris Higgins 7 minute abs program seems to be paying off and we don’t see anyone stepping in his office for a meeting.

Step into my office
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It’s early but a new coach, new steady line partners and just the ease of showing up to work and just having fun seems to be paying off for Higgins, Burrows, Bonino and well, everyone. From top to bottom the Canucks are producing and no one could be happier. Crazy thing is, the Nucks are 2 points back of 2nd in the West.

It’s not just Higgy; Brad Richardson is absolutely crushing his opportunities lately and that makes Willie D “Happy Happy Happy”.
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Richardson potted two goals against Carolina, and yes I know, they are awful, but he still did it. He ain’t no Brad Richards but quite frankly, I don’t care. How great is this line for a guy who is not Brad Richard’s son:

GP: 9 G: 2 A: 3 P: 5

Just so we are all on the same page, not a 2nd liner. Great production and they have him doing key moment things, he isn’t just getting water bottles for Daniel and Henrik. And Trevor Linden’s favorite player, Linden Vey? Ya, first PP unit. How’s that working I didn’t even mean for it to look like that, I swear.

Vey has 3 goals, they are all PP and he has one GWG. Thank you L.A.

The program is in full force and fans everywhere want a piece of Higgins ab workout. Ok, they did before too. It’s contagious like cooties and every guy on that bench seems to be buying in to what coach Willie is selling. Maybe fun was the answer. Although, if my last coach was crazy enough to break into a locker room and annihilate the other coach, I’d play for a nut job like that.

Vancouver is running like a Tesla right now: expensive, pretty nice to look at, efficient and fast. There was a good chance there the analogy was going south. The Canucks are actually a good team this year and maybe they can take a page out of the Kansas City Royals book and become the team no one expected to make an impact.

The team will tell you they are putting in the work and that its fun to come to the rink and blah blah blah, but no one is talking about how certain guys need to get certain other guys the puck more or find wingers for certain same guys.

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