Canucks Victims Of Their Own Success

A L W A Y S 9 0 F O U R

After Alex Burrows received his FIRST suspension, I know right? it made me pause and think: are the Canucks victims of their own success? Dig deep, dig Grand Canyon deep or Adam Levine V-neck t-shirt deep and think if all the publicity and fame has finally dug the Canucks a hole. It has, I answered it for you, but keep reading because its not always about the first paragraph.

As fans, we feel the Canucks are getting the raw deal. Every game there is a penalty that makes zero sense and we all look at the TV and go

Jackie Chan just makes this easy
Photo courtesy of

We all think it and it makes me think the thoughts that most likely are biased but I think them anyways. When the Canucks got to the top, they brought a lot of haters with them like you know, Nickelback

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