Canucks Victims Of Their Own Success

After Alex Burrows received his FIRST suspension, I know right? it made me pause and think: are the Canucks victims of their own success? Dig deep, dig Grand Canyon deep or Adam Levine V-neck t-shirt deep and think if all the publicity and fame has finally dug the Canucks a hole. It has, I answered it for you, but keep reading because its not always about the first paragraph.

As fans, we feel the Canucks are getting the raw deal. Every game there is a penalty that makes zero sense and we all look at the TV and go

Jackie Chan just makes this easy
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We all think it and it makes me think the thoughts that most likely are biased but I think them anyways. When the Canucks got to the top, they brought a lot of haters with them like you know, Nickelback. It didn’t matter how many awards, ticket sales, merch sales, top 4 finishes or whatever the whatever, the Canucks were building a hate empire against them. Referees were getting in on the action where they could too!

There are most definitely a few players in Vancouver who soured the league and its fans. Alex Burrows doesn’t exactly have the cleanest track record. His “diving” has cost him a few bucks ala Stephane Auger, his biting has pissed off most of Boston and most recently Taylor Hall was dealt the “People’s Elbow”. You goto the well enough times and it runs dry.

Our good friend, Ryan Kesler, may have helped the Canucks fetch a fancier ransom if he wasn’t well, a chotchma. If Roberto Luongo wasn’t absolutely dragged through the mud time after time, Mike Gillis may have saved his job or at the very least one of the marquee goalies he was harbouring. You see, as the Canucks became the creme de la creme, they brought with them an audience that judged as well.

Now, all those brownie points have been used up and its time to start earning again, just like when you cash in your air miles to to Maui in January. Everyone is watching Vancouver and they all have pre-determined opinions on how they should be handled. The national media which is basically the Toronto support group does…not…like them and will burn them at the stake every chance they get.

Opposing teams and fans yearn for the next screw up to spotlight the bad guys that the Canucks really are. It wouldn’t hurt Willie Desjardins, Trevor Linden and Jim Benning to have a meeting with their boys and get all the obvious crap in the open so the team can rebuild a once glimmering reputation that actually caught them a few breaks when it mattered.

It’s not just talent that wins games; sometimes a break here and there goes a long way. There is an abundance of skill on this Canucks roster and you don’t think everyone else sees that? Keep the train on the tracks and focus on what got you this far. The West Coast Express didn’t happen overnight, well, ok, it kind of did. But you know what I mean. Build that winning formula again and this time maybe when you’re up 3 games to 2 in the Stanley Cup Final, the refs will call that first punch to your face and not wait to see you retaliate on the 5th one.

A final note: it kills me I wasn’t able to tie a Backstreet Boys reference into this article, I had it all ready to go too.

Oh well.

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