Canucks Break Internet, On Paper Anyways

Despite my lack of Photoshop skills, I know a trend when I see one. Its not a new photo, its not even Kim Kardashian, but darn it, its art. After “Paper” magazine posted a very revealing photo of Mrs. West (shes nekkid), their goal was to, as the kids say “break the internet“. Im not sure how one would break the internet but I doubt a photo does it. The Canucks on the other hand, have found a way to make people talk about them again both on paper and on the world wide portals, thus breaking the internet.

At this point last season, the Canucks were BANG ON the same in the point totals, 24 if you are looking for hard line facts. So what makes things soooo different this season? Well, for starters all four lines are rolling, scoring and sharing pics of Eddie Lack eating tacos. Last season, Im not sure if pictures of Eddie Lack eating tacos were available but I digress. There wasn’t a goalie controversy or a battle really. Ryan Miller has done well as the Canucks new #1 and Mr. Lack has flourished as a backup. The headlines are gone with both Roberto Luongo and Ryan Kesler moving on and taking their talents to both South Beach and Long Beach.

Mmmm tacos,

Our coach Willie Desjardins seems to be getting the most out of this team and hey, the Sedins are looking Sedintastic again. We can thank RadimThe DreamVrbata for his contributions and his dedication to just shooting and staring.

Photo courtesy of

Im trying to figure out why this team feels so different and maybe it is indeed addition by subtraction, well and some addition again. The arrival of Bo Horvat and his keen urge to be a good team mate is promising as well. It just feels like a dark cloud has slowly been lifting off the city of Vancouver, figuratively of course, and the team is beginning to rebound.

With some extra grit through Linden Vey, Derek Dorsett and Brad Richardson, heck even the Sedins are throwing the odd hit, who knew? The Canucks are answering the challenges as they face them. These aren’t your Canucks folks, I think someone lost their Canucks and they landed here instead.

This team has a feel like they could pull off some upsets this year and if they gave us the indoor/outdoor classic again, I’m almost positive we win that this time. You see, we didn’t need that picture of Ryan Kesler posing nude for ESPN, we didn’t even need Ryan Kesler, ok this year I mean. With the new leadership throughout the team both in the front office and on the ice, all those lessons they learned are finally paying off.

We can put the moral victories to bed and enjoy ACTUAL victories now! If only we could get lower beer prices and Mark Messier out of that awful Rogers NHL commercial. Did they really not do their market research on that? This is that ONE time, we actually would like to be left out of a commercial. No one cares about the Canucks anyways, right rest of Canada? Leave our team alone, you ruined it once…..Mark Messier.

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