Ask Your Doctor If Canucks Are Right For You

Is winning hockey games something you yearn for? Are Saturday nights not the same without a beer, cheering with your buds and the sound of the puck hitting the back of the net? Maybe Canucks are for you. The Canucks are a hockey team in the NHL that currently sit 6th overall in the league and rising; their goalie, Ryan Miller, is tied for the league lead in winsand they have a player who is often referred to as a honey badger. Canucks used to commonly see success, sellouts and Sedins, but now mostly just the Sedins.

Canucks are not for everyone. Cheering for Canucks can lead to heartbreak, chest pain, diarrhea, crying, blaming refs, suspicion of conspiracy, drinking heavily and listening to self appointed critics. Canucks may cause random excitement, impulse retail purchases, bandwagoning and relief via social media. Other symptoms include but are not limited to: rioting, getting punched in the face, punching someone in the face and over spending on tickets that you know full well haven’t been worth that price in a long long time.

If any of these sound enticing, ask your doctor about Canucks.

Actual screen shot of on Nov 26/14

At 18-4-1, the Canucks are quickly becoming this seasons surprise team. Surprising in the sense that a year ago they hit a free fall of epic proportions and saw the team drastically changed. There hasn’t been any controversies, no goalie issues and definitely NOBODY is looking to get a pass from Ryan Kesler, not like it would have mattered anyways.

The waning fan base is still on the fence about whether or not this team is for real or not. I don’t blame them. We’ve seen this story before; the difference is that no one is putting THIS year’s team on a pedastal. Ya, Henrik and Daniel are putting up points like they used to, 41 points in 22 games, and Radim Vrbata is reaping all the benefits of his swedish buds(10 goals, 7 assists).

Can we really believe that Jannik Hansen is going to continue his torrid pace of awesome (5 goals 3 games, 1 SHG) for the rest of the season, or at least at a pace that sees him become a regular contributor again? Is Alex Burrows back to his old ways of making the crease and the corners his zone again and scoring the scrappy goals? Coach Willie seems to be getting the most out of a team that just needed a reset, that and maybe the stigma of having to be everything to everyone.

We want to believe that the supporting cast is good enough to keep the twins rested and the Bonino, Burrows and Higgins line at a steady clip. Bo Horvat is the most recent good story to come out of the Canucks locker room; he gives the 3rd/4th line, whatever they are, legitimacy and the way this kid is already tearing up the faceoff circles(62/99, 62.6%), Manny Malhotra will wish he had the skill set Bo does to go along with his draws.

How good can this team really be? It’s early still but they are showing they can win the big games when they matter; and the ones they lose have shown the fans there are still things that need work.

So if you are still interested in the Canucks, ask your doctor or your local cable provider about a free trial. Although, I’m really not sure what your doctor will actually do….he’s a doctor, he saves lives not pucks.

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