Radim Vrbata, His Dirty Mitts and Sriracha Beer

By now you have figured me out I’m sure; catchy tag line, hilarious pictures and articles that have you talking to Jason around the office cooler because even though you really hate Jason, he loves the Canucks and Always90four, so you deal.

Two full months into the season and we already love this Radim “The Dream” Vrbata guy. The Sedins find him, get him the puck, he scores, he stares, we cheer; easy peasy. We also love how he puts his sick dirty mitts to work every shift. The Twins needed the Vrb because even Jason knows one more telepathic guy on that line would cause people’s heads to explode in amazement.

Did your head just explode? It will, I’ll wait.

There have already been a plethora of hilite reel goals and assists from Mr. Staring contest and I bring you them in fabulous HD. Ok, to be fair some of these are just not high def but watch them anyways, they’re fun!

Say whaaaat? The disgusting thing is, Henrik was probably expecting this.

The Oilers really hate playing the Canucks. Radim Vrbata is the latest reason why.

Remember when the Sharks used to abuse Vancouver? Vrby hates going into the intermission down a goal.

That was just a short summary of how filthy his skills are.

He knows where to get his dirty moves from

At 10 goals and 8 assists in 22 games, Vrbata has easily shown why he was the right choice when free agency opened this past July. Don’t take my word for it, but I don’t usually lie so you might as well take my word for it.

So you’re probably wondering by now: how in the heck does the new Rogue Farms Sriracha beer fit into all this? Well, it doesn’t really but you and I can both agree we need this in our lives. Sometimes, good things happen to good people….Canucks fans…are good people.

Drink up Nucks fans, Vrby is hot right now

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