Canucks Keeping Fashion Between The Pipes

Anyone that knows anything about the Canucks and their goalies, knows two things: All good goalies will go to die eventually in the goalie graveyard and the fashion sense of the guy between the pipes is top notch. I love goalies; always have always will. Something about the mystery of a guy with a mask just soothes me.

Over the years in Vancouver, we have been treated to some amazing looks, to go along with some amazing saves. Kirk McLean had a pretty fierce look and anyone that remembers him, remembers that kick save in 1994.


Most of the look we see from goalies is the mask. It’s the one thing everyone sees, the thing TV cameras focus on at the start of the game and really the one thing that can really show off the type of character that makes up the look.

Curt Ridley’s look has inspired both Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider to do spin offs in recent years.


In Goal Magazine

Now, the Canucks goalie brethren hasn’t been the best at showing off the gear but they inherited guys that had it going on, at least until they showed up here. Remember Felix Potvin? I do. He is my reason for loving goalies so much. His fashion sense on the ice was second to none and I really believe he was a game changer.

Here is his Canucks get up, which was a far cry from his Leafs days but all the same, a beaut.


His A+ look though was in Toronto:


The awesome thing about being a goalie is that it’s the one position where you can be completely unique while still wearing at least the same jersey as the rest of your team. The mid 90’s really helped goalie fashion take off and there was always something cool right around the corner.

Fast forward to today, well, a year ago and there were some stellar looks that had everyone in Vancouver in awe. Too bad Roberto didn’t get to put his gear to use.


Eddie Lack however….


It seems whatever the popular goalie is wearing, everyone wants a piece of it. Whether its the baseball cap they wear in interviews, the leg pads that were custom made for him that junior rep goalies HAVE TO have or simply that mask, goalies are mysterious and cool at the same time. Vancouver has been home to many but we have cherished them all the same….most of them.

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Cover shot – In Goal Magazine

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