No Tacos For Eddie Lack Proves Costly For Canucks

I’m not gonna lie, the whole tacos thing once a week is a great tradition. Usually in my house it’s taco tuesdays; Ground beef, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, other stuff, 5 different hot sauces, you get the idea. I can totally relate to Eddie Lack on this and I try to make sure tacos have all the time they need to be enjoyed. It’s when they prove costly that tacos are questioned.

Eddie revealed his secret to his taco fetish in an article with The Province earlier this season: if it’s a Friday and he isn’t starting….it’s taco time. Getting the start against the Dallas Stars on Wednesday sounded like it was originally taco night, a rare Wednesday feast but his work between the pipes took priority. Lack played a pretty solid game stopping a breakaway and making some timely saves. The lone goal that beat him ended up being the game winner.

The Swedish/Mexican phenom has been a lot more consistent as of late compared to the man brought in to help take the Canucks back to relevancy. Lack has handled his return to backup goaltending quite well and he is helping his team mates when he needs to.

Tough to say where coach Willie sees his goaltending situation going in the near future but it wouldn’t be a shock to see a few extra starts go Lack’s way. Will taco night get in the way though? You definitely want to steer clear of taco night/start night as we all know tacos aren’t the most friendly of foods.

Losing takes its toll on teams and we all hope the Canucks can bump the mump…sorry, slump and make goaltending the least talked about thing in Vancouver. Remember, we were good this season….consecutive shutouts good. Let’s do that again, the day after tacos.

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