ONE NIGHT ONLY!! Roberto Luongo Is Back In Vancouver

Settle down Cory, Roberto Luongo is only back for one game and I’m guessing he gets the start. He sold his palace downtown and is rooming it with the boys. Thursday night in Vancouver is going to be special occasion. I would assume there will be balloons, banners, streamers, party favors and maybe a cake. To think, he would still be our goalie if the indoor/outdoor game had a different starting goaltender. Welcome back Roberto, we miss you!

It seems Luongo is already getting his ducks in a row for his first trip back to Vancouver since being traded to Florida. I’m guessing he came back for some personal stuff like toilet paper, his gold medals and the last six seasons of The Bachelor burnt on dvd. The Roxy is awaiting his arrival as well.

Wait…SOB has a key? That ain’t good. Roberto seems to have eased in nicely back in Florida. No pressure, sunny weather and shutouts. Even though the Panthers aren’t exactly Stanley Cup favorites, Lu is giving them every opportunity to get into the big dance.

A handsome stat line of 15-7-7 2.28 GAA, .924 SA% and 2 goose eggs has the Panthers purring. He has been a good boy in the crease as well with a stunning ZERO PIM. Must not be holding a grudge against how he was treated last year. The cats are on the outside looking in with the 11 spot in the East. A win puts them in 8th but that would be against the Canucks, so they’ll have to wait a bit.

We all hope Lu drops some big tweet bombs whilst in town and it sounds like the Swedish Meatball Eddie Lack gets to treat his mentor to some tacos…oh wait, no tacos.

It sure would be nice if Willie gave the nod to Eddie. I mean, it’s basically his birthday week and IKEA has a sale in his honor (fact checking this). If Eddie doesn’t get the start it will be a rematch of the 2010 Gold Medal Game vs Ryan Miller at the Vancouver Olympics, but with way worse players.

So enjoy the many things you grew to love in Vancouver Mr. Luongo and if I can manage to dig myself out of this snowstorm in Kelowna, maybe we can share a jog on the Sea Wall, or some inappropriate bathroom stories.

Your choice.

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