So The Canucks Are Old, Big Whoop Wanna FIght About It?

The Canucks recent woes are fueling the critic’s flames; no stone left unturned to find the magic elixir that will cure the teams problems. After former coach John Tortorella left, he said the Canucks were stale and needed a younger core. Well, they seem to be getting a bit younger but the ones everyone is relying on are of the biggest concern. That shouldn’t worry anyone though, right? We’ve all known where this team has been headed for some time now so why bring it up? So the Canucks are old, big whoop wanna fight about it?

Henrik and Daniel Sedin have led the charge in Vancouver for a number of years up front; when Roberto Luongo was here the goals stayed out so many of the team’s current problems were allowed to be swept under the rug. The Sedins are now 34 and beginning the gradual home stretch of their careers. The addition of RadimThe StareVrbata has helped them become relevant again but not relevant enough to get an All Star nod. Sure, it doesn’t mean a whole lot but the twins at the mid season hoopla is usually a given.

I’m an All Star, try and fight me.

Between the pipes, the team isn’t any younger with Ryan Miller, 34, inking a 3 year deal. Of course, his recent slide and convenient sickness has kept him out of the starter’s role. Ya, I know he was sick, lay off. When Eddie Lack was given the keys to the car after the Luongo trade, it looked like this was the way things were going to be. Jacob Markstrom came over in the Lu deal and his play down in Utica, (12-2-0, 1.85 GAA, 4 SO, .936 SA %) SHOULD have GM Jim Benning and Trevor Linden considering their options. Is Eddie Lack the true backup? Is Ryan Miller the true #1? Can Markstrom overtake either of them? Nothing surprises me anymore with the Canucks but giving Markstrom a chance isn’t the worst idea.

Bringing up age is about as useful as talking about Vancouver’s goal scoring drought; nobody’s saying anything new, the facts are there. You can look up and down the NHL and see old age thriving. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks (that’s what they are, deal with it) retired Teemu Selanne’s #8 on Tuesday evening and he JUST hung them up. When he first started, Big Shiny Tunes 2 was on EVERYBODY’S Christmas list. To be honest, it was a few years later but would you really have said anyting? How about “aging” forwards Jarome Iginla, Jaromir Jagr and Shane Doan? Age becomes a factor when you can’t cut it anymore.

I’m sure if they knew how it was going to pan out, letting grandpa Willie Mitchell go wouldn’t have happened, he would fit great in Vancouver’s old folks lineup. But he’s 37 so he’d get criticized when our PK stayed at 3rd in the league for longer than a month.

We can all slam the Canucks for being older than the milk in my fridge which I’m pretty sure is bad but unless its chunky, its good right? Vancouver needs to deal with what they have before the roster gets chunky, er, too old. Utica is bangin right now and it’s only a matter of time before the Virtanens, Jensens, Forslings, McCanns and Subbans take over. These kids are on their way to the pros real soon and the next wave is about to hit.

If Benning wants this team in the playoffs, if he wants this team to compete, there needs to be a move made. Sometimes the best decisions are the hardest ones. Ok, I’m done with the cliches. This new app just keeps churning them out and quite frankly, I’m impressed.

So what if the Canucks are old, if they aren’t productive anymore, it doesn’t matter HOW old they are.

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