Thatcher Demko: Dancing Machine

I’m not one for Vines and now that Instagram basically has that figured out with longer videos, Vine is kind of like the MySpace of things on the Internet. Just so we’re all on the same page, MySpace is on the Internet. Check it out. Now that we know how I feel about short video posts lets dive into why you are still reading.

When Canucks bloggers and media folk share their information on current roster players and the up and coming star prospects, its usually stats and “oh wow, look how good he’s doing lately”. This is a different kind of post, THIS is an inside look of how Thatcher Demko, or as the rest of Canada knows him, not even close to the guy that won Gold this year, rocks out like a boss.

A good friend of mine, Ted (@tee3ree on twitter) made me aware of a Vine post of Canucks prospect Thatcher Demko dancing like no one is around from what appears to be school. Did the Thatch get his homework done on time? Was he coming off a big win? Will there be a sequel to this amazing dance party with a Sandstorm remix? We can only wait and find out.

Here ladies and gentlemen, is Thatcher Demko: Dancing Machine.

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