Canucks Answers Aren’t On Current Roster

The Vancouver Canucks latest stinker came in the form of a 4-0 drubbing by the Anaheim Ducks. It wasn’t Ryan Kesler’s return that overshadowed it, it wasn’t even the Ducks outplaying them; the Canucks have ZERO answers to what their problems are. They are back to having the same formula they’ve fought to get away from for years: scoring, defense and goaltending; pick two and suffer in the other area. I don’t even think they have two of those covered.

March 2nd is the trade deadline and it comes quicker than you think and Vancouver will have to make a decision of what to do with what they have. The problem lies within, no matter what way they go there won’t be a fix when the deadline comes and goes. The Sedins are aging and are a shadow of what they were a few years ago, it’s time to drop them down the lineup and groom the next “ones”.

Trading them can still net some valuable returns but what the Sedins may lack in their overall game, they make up in teaching. Call it the Linden method. Henrik and Daniel have groomed many a winger and they have a chance to shape the future of the Vancouver Canucks.

The talent that is about to crack this roster is promising and pulling an Edmonton and getting the newbies playing is one way to get big returns back. Kesler was moved, Luongo was moved and that shouldn’t be the end. All the chatter about Jacob Markstrom and how the Canucks are so high on him most definitely means Eddie Lack is the odd man out. So trade him while you can, package him with Zack Kassian, Alex Burrows or Kevin Bieksa and make a move for a 2nd or 1st rounder. This year’s draft class is meaty and the more the Canucks tread water or even improve, the lower they go in the draft. Thatcher Demko has also been impressive for ‘Murica so it only furthers the reason to make a move at goalie.

Bo Horvat was the first to get his chance and he has made the most of it thus far. He’s not going to win the Calder but his development is blossoming at the NHL level. Looks like Hunter Shinkaruk may not yet be the star I said he would be but if Vancouver feels they can get something decent for him then maybe that’s a chip they play. Jake Virtanen looks like he will be a stud and has many tools that had us salivating during the World Junior Championships.

On D, Gustav Forsling(neat article here) and Jordan Subban are turning heads and again, if the juniors are any indication, Forsling is our future QB on the PP. Frankie Corrado made enough of an impression on Benning that when he was called up again, they won’t send him back. The loss of Kevin Bieksa only helps his cause and I would expect Bieksa to be part of a package out of the Lower Mainland. His time in Vancouver, like Kesler’s, has passed and it looks like his game is starting to suffer as well. A new team could rejuvenate “Juice” and the Canucks can get return on him.

There has to be a guy on the other line of the phone to make deals happen and I think Jim Benning has proven he’ll make a deal that makes sense. My guess is that the other GM’s like him. So Mr. Benning, please put this current Canucks team to pasture and begin the somewhat painful process of the rebuild. Don’t tease us with a pathetic showing in the first round of the playoffs, I’ll be watching the Kelowna Rockets make their inevitable run to the Memorial Cup this year.

There is a lot of respect to be given when the future is given their rightful chance. Utica Comets are tearing up the AHL and with a few additions to the grit department, Chiarelli on line 2, things can progress. Pittsburgh made their moves when they had a hole with guys like David Perron, Chris Kunitz and most recently Max Lapierre. When you know your team’s needs, you address them. If you have too many needs, it’s time to rebuild. Vancouver has too many needs.

It’s going to be a boringly painful next few months if we keep seeing the efforts we have seen lately. 140 characters just doesn’t allow the frustration to vent properly over 2.5 hours. I like the fact Ryan Miller is where he basically needs to be but every player in front of him gives him no chance to win, so when the gaffes happen, that’s it, its over.

Nobody likes a goodbye, but when you are constantly disappointed, you kick em to the curb.

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