Can Marshawn Lynch Achieve ‘Predator Mode’ at Super Bowl XLIX?

Everyone knows about beast mode, #beastmode and the man behind it, Marshawn Lynch. We’ve seen his festivus feats of strength against multiple opponents (Saints 2012, Cardinals 2014 and Packers 2015); but has Marshawn Lynch given his best performance yet? Not likely. I believe there’s about to be a whole lot of Skittles devoured on Super Bowl Sunday and ‘Beast mode‘ is about to become ‘Predator mode.’

After all the fluff is gone and the “media” lets the teams truly focus on the big game, it’s Seattle vs. New England for football’s biggest prize. There are so many angles to cover in this game and the one man that can really decide if the Seahawks have it all this weekend is the Predator himself. When Lynch has his game going, he’s virtually unstoppable. His unforgiving force propels him further than most uber athletic human beings are allowed. What looks like a 2 yard gain or even a stop at the line of scrimmage can turn into a 10-13 yard trench by sheer determination.

There are a handful of backs that have that ability but no one really impacts the game like Lynch does. He doesn’t usually break open for 70 yards to pay dirt because somehow, some way that last fluke happens and he is pushed out of bounds. But, what Lynch DOES do is immeasurable pain to opposing teams defense play after play. He is a workhorse and if the right crack in the armor happens, its game over for the Patriots.

Marshawn isn’t perfect and the media sure has pointed that out this week. He grabs his junk, he doesn’t say much and he wears his own hats. Sounds like a guy to me? His wallet will be a lot lighter before the big game even happens; but he can thank the No Fun League for that. The man that ravages as a beast on the field is about to to take all you know about him and unleash ‘Predator Mode’.

We all remember the famous Predator movies; the dreadlocks, the spooky awesome mask and the heat vision. Marshawn is capable of his biggest game at the Super Bowl and the lack of true star receivers only helps his cause. Last year, there was an arsenal at Russell Wilson’s disposal and every target was a weapon. Percy Harvin and Golden Tate were the deep threats and this year it’s a committee approach. The one constant has been the man I am now calling The Predator.


If you can’t stop him, if you can’t contain him there is little chance the game will end up positive for the Patriots. New England’s run defense this year ranked a decent 9th. They allowed 1669 yards from scrimmage and allowed 104.3 yards per game . When Lynch rushes for 85 yards or more, the Seahawks are 8-1 including playoffs and he has amassed 11 TD’s in that span, 2 of those games against top 10 defenses. Usually around the 90-100 yard mark is when the big game play happens and by then the the run defense has been broken apart. The Patriots pass D ranked 17th and allowed 3837 yards and 24 TD’s. Even Revis Island isn’t perfect all the time.

Russell Wilson will surely test NE’s DB’s at some point and he isn’t exactly a stranger to interceptions. But, knowing the air game will see it’s fair share on Sunday, that leaves Lynch to feast on the weak. Beast mode will be a thing of the past after the Seahawks claim their second Lombardi trophy in as many years and the Predator will be born. Despite his quirkiness, vulgarity and occasional self imposed vocal strikes, Marshawn Lynch is the most dangerous running back in the NFL.

Whatever the Seahawks decide to do in the offseason is their choice and up and coming power back Christine Michael may be the successor to Lynch’s throne. However, what the Seahawks would lose is a game breaker, a true game breaker that is unpredictable on the field. He has weaknesses and faults like any player does but at the end of the day he’s just a goofy guy that eats skittles and drags defenses all over the field.


Marshawn Lynch is the Predator, he will destroy you.

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