Fifty Trades and Vey: Canucks VD TD Primer (Valentines Trade Deadline)

At the very least you have to admit its clever. Almost went with Jannik at the Disco or Now you Sedin me, Now you don’t. Linden Vey isn’t going anywhere but being that it’s valentines day tomorrow and there is a catchy movie coming out, it seemed fitting.

I recently had another deep discussion with my buddy Ted Wong, twitter’s @tee3ree, about the Canucks, their goalie situation, their future and what they should do this season. We covered a lot of ground and I totally thought I had a leg to stand on with a Sedin trade; problem is: they make too much money for any team worth going to.

Pittsburgh was the team we decided on for Henrik and Daniel but their cap hit is just too much without really dismembering the Penguins both present and future. So we left that alone. It’s a shame, they could do some real damage there for a few years.

The Canucks goalie situation is a hot topic yet again. The vibe right now is most would like to trade the “shady” season of Ryan Miller, even though he just signed a 3 year deal. It looks like Jacob Markstrom is a real keeper here and that leaves one chip that ultimately is the only thing they can move: Eddie Lack.

Lack would definitely fetch a decent piece in return for a playoff contender. He’s likable, talented and able to handle a heavy workload if given the opportunity. He also loves tacos if you didn’t already know.

credit – Eddies Twitter account

If the Canucks decided enough is enough of their current #1 Ryan Miller, his price tag is pretty steep and there really is only one team, maybe two that he COULD go to if a trade availed itself: Washington and New York.

Washington is on the bubble right now and as we have seen before, you never really know their goalie situation. Ryan Miller knows the east quite well, not a shocker, and he would be tested right away. Thankfully, the Caps have goal support so if he lets in his usual stinkers like he has, they can bail him out with an extra goal or two.

Immediately that shores up the net for at least a year or two. Brayden Holtby is doing quite well but with a veteran and former all star running with him, he can have some added confidence if things get dicey.

Packaging Kevin Bieksa and possibly Chris Higgins or Jannik Hansen on the Canucks would give Washington added depth on the back end and on the bottom six. What I would like to see come back is Karl Alzner and 2013 second round pick Madison Bowey.

I don’t anticipate Bowey is available but if Lack is the piece instead of Miller going the other way, that would make them think a bit more. Washington intrigues me and after this season, they have a decent chunk off the books and adding the likes of Kevin Bieksa gives Juice a new start in a conference where he can shine.

Higgins and/or Hansen are pieces that will never have more value than they do right now and whatever team the Canucks are dancing with, these guys should fetch a fair return.

Whatever way Vancouver chooses, they aren’t winning the Cup this year. Jim Benning has proven he’ll make a trade and the Canucks should be ready for Jensen, Shinkaruk and Grenier to name a few, to head up the change. Bo Horvat was given his opportunity and he is just starting to show why he is ready and will thrive in the NHL.

New York has an issue right now with their star goalie Henrik Lundqvist out with an injury. Depending on how long he is out, they need a solid replacement rental. Again, Lack is the only real option that makes sense as I believe as you all do, Markstrom is the future. I’ve heard this before.

What the Canucks would ask for in return would be a prospect or a pick. Anthony Duclair would be fun! He had quite the World Juniors but I’m guessing Sather noticed too.

This year’s draft is pretty stocked so a pick wouldn’t hurt. Lack could definitely help NYR if that move was made.

There are so many possibilities right now as the Canucks can really set themselves up for future success if they sacrifice the present. We are getting closer to that big deadline day frenzy and this year I believe it’s going to be hectic.

Sorry for the “Lack” of 50 shades references, Im going to watch star NHL prospect Nick Merkley of the Kelowna Rockets this evening. But you don’t really care…do you?

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