Eddie Lack’s BIG Day

After a big win against the Jets on Tuesday night, Eddie Lack was all laughs. He played amazing and helped the Canucks get one win closer to the playoffs. But it isn’t about just hockey for Lack; it’s tacos, mama lack tweets, dreaming of better times with Luongo and avoiding texts from Ryan Miller.

We occasionally get to see inside Eddie Lack’s life through his tweets, the odd interview and the socially awkward CBC features. What if you could see a timeline of a typical Eddie Lack day, maybe TODAY’S day! You’d like that. 

Time to wake up, it’s a day in the life of Eddie Lack!

6:57 am – Alarm goes off, it’s a goal horn. It always reminds me that I’m not perfect and every time I hear that horn, I challenge myself to make the save instead of hearing that horn. WHOA! What if that horn never went off again? Would I have slept in, would I be dead? A permanent shutout. FREAKY!

7:07 am – Empty the tanks, check my phone and see if maybe Roberto wants to plan a summer vacay in Cabo this year. I miss that guy so much, but I’m the big cat now; it feels good. Looks like he’s busy, I’ll check later.

7:08 am – Coach Willie sent me a text “Hey Eddie, great game last night. You really have turned into a star. Want to get lunch with me today at Joeys? I feel like we have tacos too much lately.

HA, ya right coach! I’ll pass.

8:10 am – Eat my froot loops, check the standings and see how far ahead of LA we are


8:12 am – Ryan Miller sends YET AGAIN another text letting me know rehab is going well and he can’t wait to play in the playoffs. “Hey Eddie, things are going well, Millsy’s getting ready to shock the world”

This guy just doesn’t get it.

Gotta get ready for the morning skate, heard the chef has a new taco recipe today, SWEET!

11:11 am – Practice over. Worked in the Millionaires gear, big game tomorrow. Jannik is really taking this best practice player thing to heart now. The guy scored in the shootout, wow. Saw a 4 day old wasted taco in my stall someone clearly is buggin me with. Who does that, why not eat those things? What a waste. 

12:28 pm – Late submissions for my goalie equipment came in. Hmm, might rock these. Green, blue, white and stripes with a logo in the middle? That will really show my wild side.

12:59 pm – Roll by Taco Bell for a light snack. Spicy sauce? yes please.

Starting to get worried, Mama Lack hasn’t called me today. What the heck, she knows I won last night right?

1:16 pm – Mama just called. Life is normal again. Meeting up with Tans to buy a new suit. Mr. Moneybags all of a sudden. Maybe he should worry more about keeping the puck out of our zone and less time on his Versace game.

3:00 pm – Nap time. OH, just got a tweet from @Rammer34, my OVR in NHL 15 just got raised. Good to be me.

4:30 pm – Alarm goes off, gotta stop those pucks. Feels like a taco night tonight. Wonder if Marky is free?

5:10 pm – Catch some action around the league, that Hamburgler guy is killing it out there. Hamburgers, they’re no tacos though.

6:27 pm – Grab some dinner from Chronic Tacos, Marky was busy so looks like more for me. How could anyone eat another food?

8:45 pm – Dumb and Dumber is on Movietime, well, my night is planned. Big day tomorrow. Get to wear my Millionaires gear again. Thankfully, Ottawa isn’t playing us, man they were tough last year.

11:00 pm – Time for some shut eye.

11:02 pm – RYAN, SERIOUSLY!!!! STOP TEXTING ME! Hopefully Kenins runs him next time he’s out there. What an annoying guy.

So a typical day for Eddie Lack. Just to forewarn you, I am not Eddie and I do not know how he actually spends his day. If I had to guess though, this is pretty close. 

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