When It’s Not A Conspiracy Anymore

The title suggests the Canucks are victims of an ongoing conspiracy theory to royally job them; that isn’t the case.  We all have our theories about how the refs are out to get the Canucks or how the league has it in for them. Maybe its payback for missed calls (Burrows/Auger) or the need to have a scapegoat to show the league is “serious” now (Bertuzzi/Moore). 

Tonight’s call or lack thereof really had me shaking my head not just because it was the Canucks, but that the NHL’s officiating needs a serious overhaul. We all remember the replacement refs in the NFL and the infamous “touchdownerception” between the Packers and Seahawks on Monday Night Football. Once that glaring error was made, everyone knew it was time to get serious and bring in the pros.

The one problem we all continue to point out is that the NHL is watered down with too many teams and players that might not even be in the league if they contracted down to say 28 or even 26. Same can be said for referrees. As fast as this game is, these refs are trained to call it at a professional level. Do all these new additions to the league not have the stones to call a proper game? Seeing no call after Alex Burrows ran into Paul Gaustad was fine. Its the continued play that followed by the Canucks taking the puck up ice and eventually Nashville getting possession to get a whistle that started the debate. 

OK, first there is NO CALL! Immediately Kevin Bieksa is given the game misconduct for who knows what. Then, they give Burrows 5 and a game for his hit, WHICH WASN’T EVEN CALLED! The fact this all happened in the first place was a call for concern, adding to this all was that there was less than 5 minutes left in the game and it was tied. Unless it was a legitimate call to begin with and was warranted, you can’t have a game decided or potentially decided by the referrees. You just can’t.

The Canucks killed off the lengthy 5 minute penalty including part of overtime and were able to pull ahead in the shootout. A good ending to a horrific final frame.

The conspiracy is not on the Canucks, its a lack of true professionalism by the zebras calling every game. If you don’t see it, you can’t call it. Unfortunately, this will get worse as the playoffs begin and will basically cease to exist come the Stanley Cup Final; Canucks fans know this all to well.

When the NHL went into its 2nd lockout back in 2004-05, many called it a bush league. Its sure looking that way again. Don’t ruin the product because you want to look good for the boss. Stand up for what you see, don’t back down. Yes, the Canucks have been jobbed a fair amount of times; but they’re not the only ones believe you me.

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