Canucks Rapping To Success

Losing to the Flames is the worst! The degradation equivalent of losing to them is watching your dog take a dump and then doing the walk of shame back home with a blue bag in your hand. Everyone knows whats up, they know the feeling and nothing is worse, that is our lowest common denominator. The Canucks need the Flames to pick up after THEIR crap, THEY should feel that shame.

Short stories aside, Vancouver’s orca warriors need to channel their inner hip hoppniss and thug out against these Flames. Calgary is all about the age old blue collar, hard working lunch bucket crew. You know what? Thats garbage. They have some young studs that can skate, should we really care? NO. We have the Jay Z / Kanye equivalent in Henrik and Daniel Sedin. These two collab on the tracks that move numbers, Art Ross numbers.

Monahan and Gaudreau don’t have the greatest hits the Twins do, they haven’t had 99 problems, they haven’t  achieved S**ins in Paris status, they’re just a couple of kids earning their stripes. Hank and Danny know what its like to rub shoulders in the hip hop circle with G’s like Drizzy Drake and he recognizes their thug level: dangerously high. These magicians didn’t exactly start from the bottom…but they’re here. Time to channel that 604.

First name: Trevor, Last name: Linden, like a Stanley Cup parade, it ain’t nothin he’s been in. He wants it all this year, so his crew has to harness that drive. Doresett, Sbisa and Tanev get to do it with a deal, while Matthias and Weber will do it without one this post season. This team started out local, and thanks to all the haters they know Air Canada pilots on a first name basis.

The Regulators that have done it for years: Bieksa, Burrows and Hansen need to bring their 2011 to the table and lead by example as a group. No one man should have all that power, its all about rolling four and getting those points from the Bo’s and the Burr’s, the Higgy’s and the Richy’s. The clock’s tickin without more goals they’ll just count the hours.

Willie has a really good group of guys, a real clique, clique, clique and all those Babychs they want the, they want the………


CLICK CLACK Nucks! Time to suit up, time to play like what those cheques say, time to play like what your neck say. You earned the bills, time to pay up with the thrills. You’re down one game so far but you’re about fourfiveseconds from wildin and there’s no more days til Friday, ITS GAME DAY! 


I’m not sure if this Canucks team is too strung out on compliments, getting to the playoffs maybe they overdosed on confidence, maybe they don’t care and stopped fearing the consequences. Well Vancouver, you fell off, you needed that, you needed to know. You can beat this Flames team no problem, they aren’t YOU. They don’t have what you do, you better do what you’re supposed to do, that Sedin-Sedin to Vrbata is overdue but thats just something you know already, you know… know.

Its STANLEY OVER EVERYTHING, STANLEY ON YOUR MIND! As Canuck fans we hear this, it happens all the time.

A season ago, this team looked a lot different. Now, there’s way too many people here right now that we didn’t have last year, who are these guys? I swear it feels like the last few nights we’ve had every excuse that’s bad, but this series, you beat these shames til its over, til its over, til its far from over.

Eddie, you got the net now. You didn’t get it by slacking off, you got there on hard work. When Miller came you basically needed to be Cinderella Man. This game can ill afford to lose you, so here’s a clue, you came to the game with a Johnny on your blocker lost your balance too! The series is all up in your psyche too, be that Cinderella Man Eddie, overcome, shut that door; get your team to stand behind you like WOO! Get in that zone, forget the past Eddie Lack, you’re the man right now.

So Canucks, this may not mean nothing at all, understand nothing was won for me…Wednesday. We want this cup forever. Those alumni want it too so Dave Babych don’t kill my vibe! Remember, we didn’t start the fire; it was always burning since the world’s been turning.

Canucks in 6, first win in Game 2 wouldn’t hurt.

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