Make Up Calls, Saggy Balls and Dad Bods: No One Really Cares

By now you are so impressed with that tag line, I could talk about literally anything for the next 5 minutes and I bet you’d be ok with that. Its May and “deflategate” is still a thing. From what I remember of that shellacking of the Colts, the Patriots could have played the game an hour after it started and it wouldn’t have mattered if the Colts had a head start. We live in a sports world now where the meaningless becomes front page news. Why?

It should have ended there, but the need for “news” and “justice” was too much once again. There are so many stories that have come out that we really shouldn’t care about that at the end of the day, aren’t crucial to the sport. Tom Brady is now being fed to the wolves because apparently he kind of knew the balls were slightly deflated? Who really cares? Even if that had happened at the SuperBowl the call to pass the ball on the 1 yard line would still be the story; a bad play call not a slightly saggy ball. And who could even tell?

Too many times we see this and think “Why are they even telling us this?” The US Congress wanting justice because a handful of really good baseball players did steroids, good use of time and money. Doesn’t affect the game. Let the people that manage the game decide that. It makes for news fodder but like checking your Facebook account every hour, it won’t change the outcoume of the day. The stories on there are about as newsworthy as Congress trying to look important in sports.

Remember when Tim Thomas didn’t go to the White House after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup? That was about as relevant as deflategate. We deem anything to be newsworthy now and really its just a bunch of words from someone trying to get clicks to his website. Speaking of pointless, what about the latest “craze”: the Dadbod.

The genius that decided A) we need a name for guys bodies that could give two you know whats about what they look like physically and B) people need to embrace this latest style fad, deserves a busload of money and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are so many fads, super diets and tabloid tidbits to run daily that they classify it in the news category and its trusted. BREAKING NEWS: no one cares how old a computer thinks you are.

As for the referees that fail to make a blatantly obvious call, the makeup call isn’t a good thing to keep doing. There should never be a term “makeup call”. Either you call the game one way or don’t bother calling it that night. In hockey, there are 4 guys on the ice that decide a game and if they screw up, there are cameras to help them. If the first 2 orange stripes can’t see what 18000 in house saw as well as millions of others, don’t just call something because the linesman 200 feet away saw it.

There still needs to be human error to a certain degree. We don’t want to see a bogus penalty called because you got it wrong earlier. Get it right next time then. Rarely in baseball do you see a makeup call because they are so ancient that they actually kind of have it right to a point. Umpire has a big strike zone to start? It stays big for the whole game and vice versa. In football the touchdowterception was such a glaring mistake, the NFL signed a new deal with its refs. WHen you get it wrong, make it right. Don’t just appease the peanut gallery.

Just because its on TV doesn’t mean its important. Leave the real sports to the real sports people that know the real sports. Unless a steroid hits a player knee on knee or a football oozes pine tar, its not really a story.

While everyone is still freaking out over some new Wells Report that outted a star QB, that same star QB dressed to the nines at the Kentucky Derby and that SAME night flew to Vegas to see the fight of the century; now THATS A STORY!

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