ICYMI Daniel Sedin Um…Missed it

Every four years Canadians go to the polls to elect a new Government and every four years Canucks fans find a new way to yell at their team for a missed opportunity on quite possibly one of the easiest goals they would ever see. In both situations, you may end up seeing the same thing but in the Canucks case it’s WHO is doing the missing. After Daniel Sedin’s missed tap in that may very well have ended the game in the Canucks favour over the Oilers on Sunday night, I look back not only on THAT goal but past goals that we have cursed at.

Maybe they just weren’t ready?

By now you’ve seen it; No reason for such a play to go the way it did, maybe it was a coaching mistake or something in the moment that just seemed like the right thing to do? No, I’m not talking about the absolute worst play in NFL history, a Colts fake punt gone terribly wrong, I’m talking about Daniel Sedin being within a stick blade’s length from a tap in goal against the Oilers.

For someone who is pretty much automatic on these sorts of things mainly because he is the shooting Sedin, he totally botched this one. Henrik undoubtedly would have ribbed Danny for that the whole way home. This is to assume they carpool because lets save the planet! The Canucks have been snake bitten on the easy stuff so far this year and this was the pinnacle.

But remember this tap tap tapperoo?

Vancouver still won that game but it was sure a kick to the Salos and quite frankly I don’t even need to post the video because you are still haunted in your dreams by it. Not as much as losing a competitive Scrabble game but close. Tanner Glass is a misser. A mister you say? Yes, technically he’s a mister in the sense of title as a male, not a mister in the sense he sprays mist on people at a pool bar. Can’t prove that last one. Anyways, I’m off topic.

The point here is that four years ago we balled and boohoo’d about a waste of a tap in goal that may have cemented Tanner Glass as one of the best Canucks of his tenure. Is that even a compliment? Not sure…Ok I’m doing it again.

This next one isn’t exactly four years prior but you remember it just as much, maybe more, maybe less depending on the level of counseling you received after it happened. Two words: Nathan Lafayette.

Of course, Linden hit a post as well, Bure shot one across the goal line but they were way cooler and we don’t hold them accountable for our personal issues to this day. It was the Stanley Cup FINAL!!!! GAME FREAKING SEVEN!! He had Richter beat and maybe this site is called “Bure’d in Seven” because Bure.

By now you really wished you hadn’t started reading this post and all the anger is brought right back to the forefront. I will not pay for your therapy but I’d be glad to have lunch with you and talk about the good times. Tap in goals seem like the easiest thing in the world and with all the urgency sometimes the easiest things are over thought. Daniel’s chip was the right play because so many times we’ve seen a gentle push or tip and it’s brushed away or stopped.

No one will forget Patrik Stefan’s infamous miss when he literally skated to the blue paint of the crease and the puck hopped off his stick, in the same breath went the other way down the ice and the Oilers scored with seconds left in the game to tie it up and go to OT. You can find that one on your own, its been on TV enough in case you missed it back in 2007.

It all comes back to Daniel Sedin missing that goal. They lost to the Oilers in OT and the Canucks still don’t have a win at home this season. It’s early days as the Aussies say but as they get later we need to see those results, we need to see them tap that puck.

Will Daniel overthink his next opportunity, doubt it. He’s a pro and he’ll just keep on keepin on. His goal totals speak for themselves, 354 total regular season and playoffs, wait…what? that’s it? Maybe Daniel should work on those tap ins a bit more. Jeez, that’s surprising.  Thankfully Henrik, the passer, only has 235. So things are kinda right in the world again.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little ditty about how we get super mad about the Canucks when they miss easy goals but also that Daniel Sedin is a pro and still has more goals than Henrik.

Maybe next time I’ll find a way to talk about the new Star Wars trailer. Meh, I’m done here. You’ve lost interest, I’m sorry.

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