Thatcher Demko GETS Christmas; He Aint Forkin Around

When Canucks goalie of the future Thatcher Demko isn’t stopping every puck he faces, he’s at home getting ready for Christmas like the rest of us. Thing is, ol’ Thatch is a college man and if I remember correctly, he isn’t working with a very big budget for decorations. Mom and Dad could have ponied up a few bucks to get him in the festive mood but like his goaltending, Demko pulled out all the stops.


Over on the twitter Thatcher Demko showed us all that a tree and lights are all you need for your Christmas set up; everything else you need can be found in your home. To be perfectly honest, I really like how simple this tree looks. He’s not trying to out do anyone and it gets the point across.

Speaking of getting the point across, if Thatcher decides to go pro next year, he’s putting up stats that are most welcome in Vancouver.

He has 6 shutouts already this year, a 1.62 GAA and a 13-2-1 record. Those are numbers I can get behind, actually no, that’s not possible; he would have kept me out.

What he can’t keep out though is his dancing excerpts from the Internets.

I scoured the web and found this gem of Thatcher jammin to T-Swifts “Shake it off” in the crease, enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Thanks to tendysmakemehappy on tumblr for this.

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