NHL Breathes Sigh of Relief; Can NOW Tell Sedins Apart

Wow, I don’t think anyone ever saw this coming – Daniel, let alone ANY, Sedin getting facially disfigured. We all felt it, it was awkward, painful and terrifyingly real. Daniel Sedin had a puck batted into his face by Michael Stone and he lost a few chicklets…and it was gruesome! But lost in all this is the giant sigh of relief the rest of the NHL felt when they were FINALLY able to distinguish Daniel Sedin from Henrik Sedin.

Not unlike many famous twins (Mary Kate and Ashley, Tia and Tamara from Sister/Sister, Jaleel White and Urkel, Khloe and Kim Kardashian and of course Lindsay Lohan and her twin in The Parent Trap), its no secret that over the years, many players, coaches and media alike have found it impossible to identify which Sedin is which. Tough task I know. It took me at least 5-6 seasons to really get a grasp on it but eventually I came up with a system and now I’m a Sedin Identifier extraordinaire!

First of all here’s the vid:


Its bad right?

Twitter exploded and did things only the Twitter can do when such an event takes place; obvious, somewhat unviewable things:

Ugh, that was real!

So how does one separate one Sedin from the other? Well now we have some pretty solid evidence and that makes it easy; but before the first period of Monday night’s game against the Coyotes, what where the key features? Well, you don’t come to this blog for stats, OK sometimes you do and I half deliver. You came here for a smidgen of humour and life lessons to carry out and share with your friends. I have none, so I’m relying on you to enjoy this with your circle.

These are the important ones to remember:

  • The Numbers – Henrik Sedin wears #33 on the ice and Daniel wears #22. Kinda easy I know but you can’t always see the namebars on the back. They’re so fast sometimes that the blur just doesn’t translate properly and you don’t want to spend 30 min on your PVR slowing it down just to make it out. But what if they’re NOT playing hockey, at a PR function requiring them to wear jerseys or you’re relying on NHL.com to give you the proper stock photo when you type their name?
  • Standing/Scoring situations – Google this, I’m right. Daniel…stands on the left in almost every photo whilest Henrik is on the right. Agreement since birth? Not too sure, I’ve never asked; but it does make you wonder….what are they hiding?

See? blogs.theprovince.com









  • Serious one though – jaw lines. Daniel has a much narrower jaw line and Henrik a little bit rounder. It affects their facial structure and that is one of my biggest tells on them. Tough one to figure out but its a good one considering they have identical facial hair and everything else.
  • Trophies – Henrik was the first one to win a major NHL trophy; Daniel had to wait a year to equal at the very least Henriks Art Ross award. Henrik, although very subtly, walks with a bit more swagger because of this. He’s not cocky about it but people close to them can tell. I just heard about it.

Ok, so you think you have these Sedins figured out? Here’s a fun little quiz to see if you really know them. Let me know how you do.

 This tweet from Daniel Monday night says it all.

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