Maybe, Just Maybe, The Canucks Should Shoot More

As the great lyricist NAS once said “They shoot’in, aw made you look”, the Canucks take after the latter. You could have fooled us saying the Canucks are shooting the puck because the stats say otherwise. This year’s Canucks team looks quite cautious to let the puck go and when those opportunities arise, the Sedin mentality kicks in – they pass. Call me crazy but I think the Canucks could shoot more.

Thanks Capt. Obvious!

Here’s the fax – Vancouver is 21st in the league in shots/gm at 28.9 and they aren’t too far away from the absolute bottom; similarily the Canucks are 5th in the league for most shots allowed per game. Makes sense, if you aren’t shooting someone else probably is. Good gang mentality, maybe…I dunno.

Not to make this sound even worse but if you aren’t shooting the puck that often, odds are you aren’t scoring very much either – you’d be right. The Canucks are 25th in the league for goals scored and are 3 back of 29th. Its frustrating to watch when the team you watched used to bury the puck so often it was routine. To go with that, the team would shoot the lights out so it never felt like a problem.

Last year, the Canucks were 8th in goals for and goals per game; shots per game had them 16th. Have they lost the ability to shoot? I don’t think so. If anything they should be accounting for MORE shots. Bo Horvat has led this charge but his shots end up just being good scoring chances, the puck doesn’t always hit the goalie let alone leave his stick sometimes.

Sure, the Nucks put up 38 shots against the Blue Jackets on Thursday but that’s a team they SHOULD be doing that too. The lack of shots for keeps the scoring chances low and coincidentally means Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom will be heavily relied upon to keep the score close. It was different when Roberto Luongo had a team in front of him that didn’t score a ton, he made up for it in net.

This Canucks team doesn’t have that same ace up their sleeve like they used to and honestly with the guys on this team right now that can actually shoot, its perplexing that they don’t take advantage of their chances. Radim Vrbata is a great example; he’s unconscious when he just shoots the puck and when he first arrived in Vancouver we all fell in love with his knack for just shooting.

Their team CF% at 5v5 is 46.7 which is not good and is another area showing just how much their shots are being overshadowed. They are doing more defending than attacking and they still are quite passive on the forecheck aside from the Sedins who can turn chicken salad into chicken sh….wait I have that backwards, but really you now what I mean. To go back to the Cors (that’s how my daughter would say it…she’s already using slang and she’s five), they need to get back to following the greatest quote of all time:

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.
I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.
A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be – Wayne Gretzky

Gretz knew what was up. The Canucks should just follow this mantra and I bet things instantly change. Either that or they’ll be skating into their zone again and again, because quite frankly that’s where the puck most likely will be.

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