A Tank By Any Other Name Still Hurts When It Runs You Over

Romeo and Juliet talked about it long, long ago; this feeling of utter heartbreak, anger, disgust and maybe a slice of rage has become discomforting. Canucks fans are actually living in a real live tank mode. We all talked about it, there were flyers posted everywhere and the trades, Mylanta the trades! Rebuilding on the fly is still rebuilding and in this case, Jim Benning and company have decided to take it down to the foundation.

The social media age has made every step of a rebuild so public and depending on who it affects, quite agonizing. There was a time in December where the Canucks might have still been on the list of teams that could sneak into the playoffs, that thought is over.

Everyone said they were willing to see this team start over and build it all back up to the crown jewel it once was but it’s one thing to say you’re in, its another when it happens without your control. Hunter Shinkaruk seems to be the latest casualty of the new movement; whether you want to call it #tank, rebuild, starting over, crying for countless hours or business, this disaster is well past the point of no return.

On the surface, Hunter Shinkaruk for Markus Granlund is an atrocity. NHL 16 wouldn’t even approve of that move because the opposing GM would just assume you’re an idiot and a big warning box would show up and say “ARE YOU SURE, PRESS X TO ACCEPT TRADE, CIRCLE TO DECLINE”. And there’s a kicker right there, someone who can see this trade and talk Benning away from the controller.

The problem here is that the guy who could have told Jimbo he’s crazy, happens to have worked for the Calgary Flames (team who now is excited to have Shinkaruk). John Weisbrod might just be the guy we need to start hating. Maybe Jim Benning is actually being drugged, held against his will and forced to make bloody awful trades while the city around him burns to the ground.

It would be a nice thought, sadly this isn’t a Batman movie.

When Sven Baertschi for a 2nd rounder happened, there was a similar disgust and so far that seems to have worked out; in fact, its worked out quite well. The same can’t be said for Derek Dorsett, Brandon Prust, a slightly overpaid Luca Sbisa; there are moves that just shouldn’t be made, contracts that should never have been offered.

The trade deadline is days away and selling off assets and a few liabilities to gain hopefully better assets would be the job of a GM like Benning whose team will not make the post season and is restructuring. Selling off valuable bargaining chips even if you don’t see a future for them on your team is still a bad move, let alone to a division rival, when you can wait it out until at the very least training camp or heck the draft.

Benning has done some things there and that would have been a better place to plant some seeds. Trying to get a suitor for Chris Higgins and Brandon Prust didn’t pan out so they’re chillin in Utica probably for eternity…or until their contracts are up. As good a scout as Benning is, he is a bad trader. He gives Trader Jim’s a bad name. They are suing him.

With the Canucks, it is a rare sight when a trade works out as we’ve seen so many good draft picks, prospects and star players go the way of the dodo bird and flourish elsewhere. I hold a bit of hope however when the lesser trades like an Emerson Etem who at the very least is an upgrade on a guy who never would have played here hold some value.

But then we start looking at the case on Frankie Corrado – this one really befuddles me. On one hand, Benning literally received nothing for him, nothing but outrage after he could have at the very least figured out some kind of compensation coming his way. We then find out that Corrado was rehabbing a pretty serious shoulder separation and it sounded like there were some sour grapes there, not uncommon.

I had a great discussion with a friend of mine over the weekend and we got into this one; Ben Hutton was going to make the team regardless, I think we can all see that now, but the guy that beat Frankie out of a spot was Alex Biega and that’s where I’m still stuck.

Why give him up for nothing and just…have lunch after?

It seems counterproductive to show your cards and then try and bluff out a winning hand. It seems you should never go full Benning, or maybe full Weisbrod. This tank as we’re dubbing it is more so a disaster off the ice than on it. Imagine if they had called up Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Grenier or even Pedan and KEPT them longer than the duration of Song 2 by Blur….IMAGINE!!!!

Willie could have made those things happen. He could have helped form something more. That or maybe he is and we just have to accept that this is going to hurt no matter what.

The tank is going to happen with or without us and Luca Sbisa’s there, so is Linden Vey, segments of Radim Vrbata and probably the rest of Ryan Miller and his contract. We may look back at this as we now do the Linden trade/de-captaining/Messier/Keenan and see this as the next best thing that ever happened to this team.

Not something I want to hear but it just might be that way. It may all culminate with Auston Matthews or Milan Lucic or heck even Steven Stamkos. I didn’t mean to say even Steven, but you get it. This team has been far from predictable, sorry, this management and every one before it and its just not something we’re supposed to get.

Let this go forward. You can’t stop a tank because you know, they’re big and they can run you over and there’s a cannon. You don’t want to stand in front of a cannon.

A tank by any other name is still loud and explosive and slow. Get the picture?

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