Views From The 604: The Canucks Ready For Lottery

Its NHL Draft Lottery Day!

A few years ago, this day was completely irrelevant when the Canucks were rolling through the first round, but now we’re all hanging on a freaking ping pong ball. How the turn tables. Do they get the 1one? The 2two? 3Three? Is Auston Matthews on a plane to Van, is Patrik taking the bike Laine to the Rog? Or will the Nucks Chrychrun out on the podium and call Jacob’s name in June.

All questions we’ll have answered soon enough. The

It looks like you get a can’t miss star from picks 1-3 and depending on who you ask, a bit further. I personally would love to see a lights out star come to the Canucks on the first try. I don’t want to endure bottom 3 picks for the next few years. There are good pieces in place already and Canucks fans might get to hope sooner than later with the likes of Demko, Boeser and maybe they’ll lock up Drizzy Cagg from North Dakota.

Since we all knew the Canucks were out of it (playoffs) we’ve been hitting up the Simulator and seeing how many clicks it took to get the top spot, it wasn’t pretty. So now today, it’s the real deal. No more dress rehearsals, no more Benning staying up until 2am wondering what the future of his team will be; today many questions will be answered.

With Brock Boeser under the Canucks umbrella, fellow USA’n Matthews would fit just dandy together on the eventual top line. They both played together for the World Junior team last year and man would it be awesome to see those two together.

There just hasn’t been this kind of hype in Vancouver since really, the rumour of Luongo coming to town. Sure, everyone thinks Stamkos is a possibility if they throw up enough cash but the draft is the way to get something for essentially nothing (well a lost season, that’s about it). The Penguins, Blackhawks and you’d think the Oilers (not so much) built their eventual Cup teams through a few bad years and a great draft.

Jim Benning has put some big pieces in place to shape the Canucks future and the potential pinnacle is waiting at 4pm pacific.

Will the Canucks luck out and get the big pick or will they still end up with silver or bronze? Do you have the patience to wait it out until 5:16PM to hear the Canucks name?

It’s a shame it has to be this way but what a show it will be.

Here’s the rundown:

Thanks Taj!

All that’s left is that pick, that elusive first pick. Good luck on keeping this contained Canucks nation; we’ve been burned so much we forgot what the good stuff felt like.

Auston, we’re ready for you.

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