Play On! Kelowna Is Road Hockey At Its Finest

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my debut at Play On! Kelowna 4 on 4 hockey tournament. Sure, I was on a co-ed corporate team that just lost out on the playoffs by ONE goal on aggregate and yes I could barely keep up but still what a weekend! Play On! gets started on June 18th and finishes the next day. It’s the perfect way to get your summer started.

Maybe you’re not in the know, maybe you’re green to what this all is? Play On! 4 on 4 hockey tournament is the biggest of its kind anywhere, even Germany! Basically 3 on 3 with a tendy and oh the line changes! There will be line changes galore.

Its hot, its fast paced and if you are of legal age, there’s beer just across the street. Kids from as young as 4 have played but I bet if you had a ringer that was 3, they’d let them in. Its hockey, we don’t discriminate, we include. All you need is a stick (maybe two if you have rage issues), sneakers, your Play On! commemorative shirt and entry level hockey skills.

Of course, I meant if you play like I do. There’s an elite division, a corporate division and a bunch of the rest of us. Tempers will flare and the odd high sticking call will be made (slapshots are frowned upon unless you are in the Elite division).

Every game is played around Prospera Place downtown and on the Delta Grand parkade. There’s a reason half the NHL calls Kelowna home in the summer; what better place to be when you want to get your hockey on in the summer? Speaking of, the celebrity game will feature a few Kelowna Rockets, Westside Warriors, some mayor guy and possibly an NHLer who got to town early for the summer.

Want to be a ref? Sure you do. What’s better than pushing people around, missing calls, shrugging your shoulders and kicking guys out for not playing fair? OK that’s not all true, the game is pretty fast. Hockey is intense and things get a little nutty but they need dedicated men and women to keep this thing going, keep it fun and well…if there’s no officials, there’s no games.

Click here to sign up as a ref for this year’s tourney!

Maybe you just want to help out; there are tons of positions to fill and make this tournament the best it can be. Click HERE if you want a sweet tee and a good job reference.

I’ll be hanging around that weekend and I might even get back in the game. It’s Play On! Kelowna and once you go full hockey, you never go back.

Check out my instagram @always90four and twitter @always90four …..I know very original. I’ll have a bunch of behind the scenes stuff that weekend.

JUNE 18….JUNE 19….2016….DON’T FORGET.


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