Bizarro World Canucks

Somehow, the Canucks are supposed to finish dead last this season. They’re supposed to get 65 points, their lowest every point total and every team in the NHL will be better than them. Even if things fall off the rails, it just doesn’t seem plausible that THIS Canucks team will amount to such disgust. 3 games in, the Vancouver Canucks are undefeated, yup that’s right, undefeated. Like a scene out of an alternate universe Seinfeld episode, THESE Canucks are winning and for some odd reason, it actually makes sense.

The term “cardiac kids” gets thrown around a lot when you see a run of comebacks and the Canucks have been part of this crowd before. What is odd and surprisingly refreshing is that the line combinations don’t warrant a run that we’re seeing and yet by the end of regulation, it all seems to fit together.

Bo Horvat on the 4th line?  How does that even make sense? It didn’t take long before he was reunited with Sven Baertschi and for a night, Jake Virtanen. Horvat has already proven yet again that it really doesn’t matter where he fits in, scoring chances seem to find him. Through 2 games, he’s put up 2 goals and those opportunities will keep repeating by the looks of things.

So maybe that’s not so weird but the guy in front of him seems to have flipped the script on what was to be expected – Brandon Sutter might just be what the Canucks needed. After losing most of his last season with a sports hernia and a broken jaw, the Canucks were limited to a handful of games with Sutter and there wasn’t much to go on.

Now, Sutter is factoring in on key faceoffs, he’s logging crucial minutes and for whatever reason, he has been the deciding goal in 2 of the Canucks first 3 games. Something isn’t adding up quite yet but honestly, who cares?

After the delayed call that ended up with Loui Eriksson scoring his first goal as a Canuck, on the wrong net, it only seemed fitting that this season was about to continue the way the last few months of 2015/16 did. The new highly paid Sedin compliment was now along for the ride, the roller coaster cluster muck. But, instead of giving up or at least looking like they had, the Canucks hung in the game against the Flames and battled to a shootout victory.

Going down 3-0 to the Hurricanes the very next night refreshed the feeling that the horrors had only delayed themselves by one night, but yet again the Canucks battled back and took it in OT.

Add to all of this the Luca Sbisa storyline and this season is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent Canucks history. Luca Sbisa? Why bring him up? Oh, I dunno how about the fact that he’s trying to change his status as an all-around liability by throwing out monster hits, “walking the line” and doing goal scoring things:

Everything is spiraling out of control for the Canucks and they’re winning games at an alarming pace. If it keeps up the Canucks might surpass 65 points and make the playoffs.

There’s no logical reasoning for any of this. I almost can’t figure it out but is it that hard to believe that maybe just maybe the Canucks are actually a decent team? I don’t buy that they’re the worst team in the league and by the looks of things so far, they don’t either.

Vancouver gets their next test against Buffalo on Thursday and their first meeting of the year on the weekend against a dismal Kings squad. If they manage a 5-0 start, maybe Don Cherry will even give them some publicity.

It’s a bizarro world for the Canucks right now and no one wants it to be normal anytime soon.


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