Jim Benning Wants To Watch Vancouver Burn

The Canucks aren’t going to change much from now until the end of the season. The roster you see is pretty much what you get. Aside from some callups and maybe a random waiver pickup, the Canucks that are on the ice today are the Canucks that will finish out the season. Jim Benning isn’t sending anyone away without that player coming to him first.

There were some spicy, hot tidbits of information dropped in The Provies after the loss to the Devils and it’s a shame to think there is no plan to get better aside from the draft, which they have minimal picks and their anemic stable of prospects. Here’s the link from Tuesday.

Quick note: The Canucks are not connected to the waiver wire, their Internet connection should be fixed by March.

It befuddles me as to how JB thinks this team can contend anytime in the near future. The Sedins are 36 and even though they have the talent to make a go as a 2nd line pair in the very near future, there is a time they will not be here. Bo Horvat is the only succession plan up the middle and it’s a pretty good one but what does line two look like? Line three?

I suppose if Benning isn’t shipping out Sutter then there is a 2nd line pivot still but for that kind of money he has to come to his senses eventually and trade him, right? Alex Burrows is coming around and might even be able to salvage another 4 years of meaningful hockey, top line hockey, probably not; but he doesn’t need to go.

I’ve brought up Brock Boeser, Olli Juolevi and Thatcher Demko many times and they’ll be great additions to the team but unless they all produce at an all-star level in their rookie campaigns, the Canucks will sink further next year than they will this season.

Jim has discarded draft picks that had value in the last few seasons, I’ve blogged about a few key players they COULD have had, and hindsight is 20/20 but the players he picked up, shipped out and basically left for dead have really hampered this current team.

The latest trade to acquire Erik Gudbranson had the Canucks sending away a 2nd rounder which was basically a throw in. Not sure how you throw in a 2nd but Benning did and it wasn’t the first time.

Getting Markus Granlund may end up being a pretty savvy move but the shock value was there right from the get go. I like Granlund and he has been a nice addition to the Canucks, Hunter Shinkaruk on the other hand, is barely an NHLer. When Benning traded Nick Bonino and Adam Clendening, he threw in yet another 2nd rounder.

Before THAT, we didn’t even have Adam Clendening, the Canucks had star Swedish defender Gustav Forsling who was coming off a monster World Junior tournament performance. They talk about building from within but there’s no within if you send it packing… twice! There isn’t a clear direction that we can see anyways and standing pat won’t make this team any better in the near future.

There is so much that we don’t see that goes on behind the scenes, and probably for good reason, it just doesn’t make any logical sense as to why there is no proper measuring stick for how this team is to be judged. Are they building, are they staying put, are the playoffs a realistic goal?

Many Canucks fans out there have seen this all play out and they aren’t stupid to realize this plan isn’t working out very well. Being falsely sold something is a tough pill to swallow and the Canucks continue to ram it down our throats. We give Jim Benning a rough ride but its Management as a whole that has steered this ship into stormy seas.

Being told the Canucks are capable of rebuilding on the fly, contending for a playoff spot or feel they need to be loyal to certain players is laughable; it’s a business after all and like fantasy sports, there is a time where you have to separate your heart and your wallet. Winning pays dividends, losing can bury you.

Season tickets and single game passes are at an all time low and with no solution in sight, the Canucks will start to see their greed hit them in the face. This used to be a hotbed for printing money and now I’ve heard plenty of stories online where they can’t even give away their seats.

The same Vancouver Canucks.

Going back to articles I have written in the past, Benning is a phenomenal scout but riding shotgun to the actual GM is one thing, calling the shots that matter is something entirely different. There really isn’t much any of us can do so if you enjoyed the riots, grab a seat.

Benning is going to watch the Canucks burn with you.


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  1. OMG all the 2nd round picks…seriously people need some perspective and to spend some time learning about context. In basically two years he has transformed the team’s base/foundation. They don’t look amazing this season, and the probably won’t next season, but they are in games and all the young players are learning from good vets. Those same young players will serve as the teachers when Benning’s draft picks really start hitting the NHL (even though he has already drafted a bunch of NHLers – there are a lot more coming).

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