Canucks Season Resembles Kindergarten Concert

So, this season has been a pretty easy one to talk about. The headlines write themselves, the storylines are deep and it’s an absolute mess. Who wants perfect? My daughter recently had her Kindergarten Christmas concert and I personally love them. Going in, I was hoping to obviously see my kid shine but knew full well it could turn into an all-out gong show.

Nobody wants it to go smoothly or it would just be a bunch of kids singing slightly louder than the pre-recorded music in the ghettoblaster. The teachers had a plan in place and they knew what their show “should” look like. All in all, it was pretty good, including the one kid who dabbed for half the songs, he was amazing!

I’m not talking like after each one, it was going on for at least 1/3 of each tune. Dude stole the show.

This Canucks team isn’t far off from a normal Kindergarten concert, though. We all had a good idea what this season was going to look like: a rebuild, a few callups that turn into surprises, the next step in Bo Horvat’s progression and a shot at Nolan Patrick. The framework is pretty much, bang on and even after some of these horrible losses, it’s about what we would have figured.

The season was set up as a work in progress and there were plenty of teams we all knew this team would struggle against. That was all fine and then the games were played. Two come from behind wins followed by another two wins had fans singing the team’s praises. Then there were the nine straight losses (oh, those were fun), the Matt Martin/Nazem Kadri fiasco and now the 8-6 Hurricanes loss.

Let’s stop the cameras for a second, they LOST 8-6 to the Hurricanes? Yup and they should have buried them in the ground before it all got out of hand. Just like that concert, things went well for the first few songs, kids knew their lines and a couple kids got the special half verse solo (that’s like Jayson Megna scoring two goals or something I guess or in this case Sven Baertschi making Willie D look like an idiot for scratching him against the Capitals).

But we all know, half way through things get dicey and some of the kids sing faster than the rest, some are definitely slower and there’s that kid dabbing on the edge of the stage (we like him, he’s kinda like Troy Stecher; just being so awesome). The Canucks were basically who we thought they were and somehow they played beyond our expectations, again that would be a Stecher reference or Horvat as well.

It wasn’t to be, though when they couldn’t even beat the Leafs, Sutter gets stapled to the Sedin line and Jack Skille is being put out in game deciding minutes, which I guess set himself up for those two goals the other game.

Clever stuff, Willie.

Things are unraveling right before our eyes and we should really be upset because well, the Canucks aren’t supposed to suck but it’s surprisingly awesome!

I don’t even know how the playoffs are a possibility still but here we are. The flip side is that Vancouver is 3 points out of dead last. Welcome to the Pacific Division. Combine that with the fact Bo Horvat is challenging for the #1 centre job and Troy Stecher posters are selling out all across the lower mainland; this has been kinda fun.

So now, the Canucks are into the middle of the show, a few songs went well, a chunk of them were just absolute write-offs and I’m sure by the end we’ll all be clapping because it came to an end and everyone will get their hopes up again that a nice juicy first overall pick is coming our way. The thing is, this is a Kindergarten concert.

You know what happens after that? Christmas holidays. Maybe even a new teacher that just came back from mat leave (new coach rumours fit perfectly here) but that’s about it. Your kids keep learning how to read and write, make a few new friends and then BAM! Grade 1.

The fun times are over, the gong show concert has been long gone for months and it’s all about progression. The Canucks need to get past the show and get to a point where development turns into systems turns into wins turns into competing for the Stanley Cup.

Whether it’s a new coach, a new GM or simply putting the right players on the power play, this team needs some structure again and it might take a true shakeup to get there.

There are definitely pieces in place to get to the next step and it’s only a half season until the next pieces of the puzzle arrive. Will the rebuild take as long as what Edmonton and Toronto have lived or are the Canucks brass smart enough to know when to pull the trigger and get this thing back on track?

What I do know, is that I came to watch my kid and she rocked it (also the dabbing kid was great). We keep watching the Canucks because that’s what we do and from time to time it’s going to be great and sometimes we’ll get to see a showoff like Troy Stecher or hopefully someone that plays in front of him. Like maybe sooner than later if possible.

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