Missed Connections – Canucks Talking About Playoffs

Hockey team 4 playoffs 2017 (Vancouver)

We talked a lot about you wanting to be in the playoffs and you said even though you were working through some stuff that you would be there in the spring. It’s pretty close to the spring now and I haven’t heard or really seen you close to that for some time. You had a blue jersey on the last time I saw you and starting going in the other direction late in the evening.

Your rebuild had me interested in a future between us and I really liked your back end a lot! To be honest, I don’t think you were moving forward too quickly and I like that.

A lot of my friends think I’m crazy to believe we’ll see each other again anytime soon but I’m hopefully that you’ll get your act together and come looking again. What better time to look to the future than now?

You mentioned you wanted lots of kids around and I totally agree, I’m a Brady Bunch kinda guy and I don’t think 8 is enough.. haha

I saw you on TV the other day and I think there is a good chance things will work out between us. I’ve been waiting a long time and I’m ready for commitment. I live in Kelowna but I think we can make it work.

Put the year you think you’ll be competitive in the league again so I know it’s you.

photo – theprovince.com

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