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Fallout 3: The Dan Hamhuis Trade Saga

I’ve never played Fallout 3 but at the very least I got a handful of gamers to read this. The NHL tradeline is inching closer and Dan Hamhuis is still a Vancouver Canuck; but not for lack of trying to move him. Jim Benning has tried relentless (we’re led to believe) to trade Hammer to a team that could utilize his skills for what everyone hopes is a long playoff run. He’s 0-2 so far. Is the third time a charm when the Capitals pick up the phone?

Jimbo hasn’t been able to move DanHam yet and maybe it’s because he hasn’t proposed enough trades on NHL 16 that would net the best results, its possible. Whenever I propose a trade in fantasy football I’m all about the conditional picks. I love the possibility of something from nothing or the opposite.

If the player helps his new team get to the Final or even win it, the pick turns into a 2nd let’s say; if they’re knocked out in round 1, it’s a 3rd. Simple stuff like that makes the world go round. Its the unknown that drives us.

So you’ve all heard me trying to flog the Hamhuis for a pick and Madison Bowey of the Washington Capitals. This trade would work for both teams for a number of reasons and I might only name one but here goes:

Hamhuis is a reliable top 4 defender on any NHL team, let alone the Caps. Washington is poised to make a run at Lord Stanley this season and they have a very real chance of winning it all for the first time since their last real chance when Crosby and the Pens foiled their chances in 7 games. Hamhuis gives them stability on the back end with Carlson hitting the sidelines for 3-4 weeks leading right into the playoffs.

If WAS can put him on LTIR which they most likely will, that frees up enough room for the Canucks fan favourite to move out to D.C. for the spring and if everyone gets what they want, he signs back in Vancouver July 1.

Madison Bowey and a 2nd maybe? would be a great return coming back as Bowser can fit right into the lineup, albeit a RH shot which muddys their setup a bit. Seeing Bowey play in Kelowna for a number of years, he brings maturity, someone who holds the line quite well, a booming heavy shot and a bit of raw intensity which seems to be coming from a few of the Canucks latest young stars.

All things you already know, but why not make this move. Hamhuis deserves a shot at a Cup and we get someone that they don’t need to drop off their roster and a pick which will be late anyways.

Bowey averages 15 min/game so he won’t eat up minutes of the Ben Hutton, Luca Sbisa, eventually Alex Edler and Matt Bartkowski (if he’s still here) and he sees valuable time in all situations.

Benning won’t neccessarily do a lot this year as I expect and if he can make one move that betters this team, why wouldn’t he do it. I really have no clue how high Washington is on MB but I know Ted Leonsis wants a Cup a whole lot more, its on his bucket list.

If they need Radim Vrbata, I’m sure Benning could land another pick.

Most of us would know how.


Seahawks JUST DO IT

Well its been about 7 months since the Seattle Seahawks won their first ever SuperBowl. Punishing the Denver Broncos capped off an amazing season and everyone wondered, could they do it again? On Sept 4, 2014, the Hawks hosted the Green Bay Packers and didn’t disappoint the 12’s. Seattle controlled most of the play in the game and finished the Packers off 36-16.

The Seahawks JUST DO IT. Sorry Nike, they just took over the game.

We waited and waited and waited and it finally came. The Clink as it’s called hosted the NFL’s kickoff 2014 and made sure the ratings were up, up and away. From Pharrell to Soundgarden, it was an event that turned Seattle into a mini SuperBowl frenzy. Well, the Seahawks put pen to paper and inked a 1-0 start to their season.

It’s anyone’s guess as to when the Hawks will fall victim to the dreaded “loss” but the way they showed up the Packers, it won’t be soon.

The 2014 season brings new life to the Northwest warriors; Percy Harvin finally gets to show Seattle fan’s what they have been jonesing for, Richard Sherman can hopefully continue to backup his new contract extension and that Russell Wilson guy? Let’s see him win another ring.

The season is one game old and it feels like we have all these storylines to talk about, and that’s just ONE TEAM. I can’t wait for Sunday.

Oh, by the way; my fantasy team did just fine this evening.

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Welcome Back NFL, We Missed You

Although, this play didn’t win the SuperBowl last season, it did set the Seattle Seahawks into hyperdrive to clinch their first ever Lombardi Trophy. It was a season filled with surprises and superstars but like only the NFL can, it made us tune in to see what else was next. Well, come Thursday, it all starts again. Welcome back NFL, we missed you.

The defending champ, Seahawks, are hosting the Green Bay Packers. There have been a few memorable matchups between these two teams, none really more memorable than the touchterception call by the replacement refs that forced the NFL to ante up and pay their normal referees to come back.

Hopefully nothing that awful occurs this year. There will however, be some big names to watch once we kickoff at Centurylink Field on Thursday. Is Peyton Manning still in the driver’s seat to get his Broncos back to the SuperBowl? Or is the sun setting on the future Hall of Famer? An obvious question, will the Seahawks repeat with their stellar team that absolutely demolished the Broncos last year? Tough to say.

I personally am excited to see a few stars own it this year:

Adrian Peterson – I just want this guy to crush the rushing record so bad. He is a phenomenal athlete and he makes that position look easy. He enjoys hitting people to prove his point and an overall nice guy. Good luck AP.

Percy Harvin – AP’s former teammate is going to get a full season to play in the Seahawks offense and it personally gets me a bit too excited. He has amazing speed, hybrid receiver/running back abilities and he’s big too! If anything happens to Lynch this year, I doubt anyone will worry with Harvin and Christine Michael holding down the backfield.

Jimmy Graham – Jimmy got paid. Jimmy’s gotta step up his game even more. Jimmy wants to be paid like a wideout? Put up a 2k season. That will get you that kind of money. Jimmy thinks he just called out Jimmy Graham. Bad idea.

Johnny Manziel – This man probably will only have one rival this year for hype and HE was drafted first overall. Johnny Football is a lifestyle it seems. He can party, he can be named the backup but all in all, JF will be a star in the NFL. He has everything to make him a star and he may just take Cleveland further than they ever have been. Josh Gordon gone? Who cares. Manziel will more than make up for it with his read option ability and his wealth of targets.

Jadeveon Clowney – Finally this guy. He is a monster. He is a wildebeest with a smile. Houston made a great pick with Clowney to join forces with JJ Watt. Offenses will have nightmares when they have to face these two. I would prefer to never even face these guys let alone tell you what type of grass is used once they bury my face in the ground. Check this clip:

Jacked up yet? There’s only one other thing that makes football even better: Fantasy Football. Yes it’s “fake football” time and everyone is geeked up. Hopefully both of my teams go all the way and life will be complete. Its entirely possible.

I have also put my hat in the ring for a chance to become part of NFL Canada‘s digital street team. It would truly be an honor to be officially associated with the NFL. I’ll let you know if it happens. In fact, I am sure you’ll hear a lot about it if I do.

So, get your popcorn ready, put on your favorite Brett Favre jersey (he played for a few teams) and plunk down on that old leather chair and get ready for the best NFL season ever.

One last thing.

You’re welcome.

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Fantasy Football Season Is HERE!!

It’s hard to believe it has been 7 months since fantasy football season ended. Time flies but thankfully it has flown back into many of our lives. NFL preseason starts in 2 weeks and many leagues will be arranging, scheming and drafting their elite rosters for the 2014 season. I will be one of those people dedicating every possible vacancy in my day to my roster. Fantasy football season is here!

Last season, my main league almost ended in a grand hurrah; sadly trading Peyton Manning would haunt me in the game that mattered most. Life goes on and I am determined to win the unicorn’s sacred trophy: fantasy football glory.

My main money league folded before this season has started but I have managed to hitch my trailer to a new one and it should be a real blast. I also haven’t forgot about the awful luck I ran into in Roberto Luongo’s twitter league. I was very thankful to have @strombone1 accept me into his league last year and like the Boston Bruins, I was able to beat him twice when it mattered.

Low blow.

It still hurts Bobby Lu, but we love you. Maybe when Florida up and moves we can see you play in Seattle. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

But enough about Mr. Strombone; There are plenty of story lines going into this season: the Seahawks will try and defend their actual championship against a league gunning for them, Desean Jackson went east to the Eagles rival Washington Redskins and Johnny Football will be slingin pigskin for the Browns. What a season it will be.

Follow this blog for updates throughout the preseason, leading up to the draft, the big day and the 2014 fantasy season. Hopefully I don’t disappoint.

I can’t wait for September to come but there is so much that happens before then. The NFL is such an awesome league and there is never a dull moment. Maybe Aaron Hernandez will join a fantasy league this year, because we all know he won’t be in a real one anytime soon.

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The NFL Draft, Montreal Canadiens and Lint Rollers

It really is a shame I wasn’t able to see the NFL draft live this year. My cohorts and I had baseball and we won, so that evening I did resort to checking out the twitter machine to find out who got better and who made a regrettable pick. The Houston Texans added freak show athlete Jadeveon Clowney to the already lethal J.J. Watt and believe you me, them Texans will be a force to be reckoned with.

THE #1 pick in 2014 Photo courtesy of

THE #1 pick in 2014
Photo courtesy of

In a surprise move, the Buffalo Bills moved up and took top wide out Sammy Watkins, which pretty much killed any hype I had for him in fantasy football. Ask yourself this: why would you get hyped on the Bills? Thankfully the next best receiver, Mike Evans, went to Tampa and should do just fine in their offense….and mine.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to watch the mind numbing footage of Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football pick after pick waiting to hear his name get called. He was finally called at pick 22 by the Cleveland “you better BELIEVELAND” Browns. A great pick by the Browns and they will be the latest team to add a read option QB to their arsenal. Johnny is an electric player to watch and when you are a true freshman and you lock down the Heisman, you are good.

There was another QB that had to wait awhile to hear his name called, you might have heard of him: Aaron Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers waited for someone to come to his neighbourhood for many a pick until the Green Bay Packers came calling. Last time I checked, that worked out ok for them. Don’t worry Mr. Football, things are going to be ok.

On to hockey; how about those Montreal Canadiens? WOW! Just when you thought the Bruins were going to finish things up, the bleu, blanc and red show up huge in game 6 and post a shutout. The trip to Boston will be an antsy one but game 7’s are the best and heroes are made all the time. Will PK Subban raise his game to the next level and put himself in a new realm? If I was a betting man, I’d say there is a good chance.

The Habs are the only Canadian team even in the playoffs this year so obviously, we are all keeping a closer eye on the action in Quebec. It sure would be nice to see the Cup come home but when it’s all said and done, the new Habs generation is sure cocky. Ya, we get it, they’re good. Move on.

Now I know this is old news and by old news I mean about a week and a half ago but lets revisit a very odd/cool moment in the NBA playoffs. After a Raptors win against the Nets, Canada’s own Drake brought out a lint roller and proceeded to “get…that…dirt off yo shoulder”. Never seen something like that before but Bounce was more than happy to hand them out the next game. Good fit too; clean fans and COMPLETELY RANDOM product placement.

Yup, lint rollers folks Photo courtesy of

Yup, lint rollers folks
Photo courtesy of

I’m beginning to believe Drake IS marketing.

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Desean Jackson is a Washington Redskin now. What we DON’T know yet, is if he is a Crip or a Blood. Secondly, he is NOT Bane from Batman.

It sure was a surprise to see one of the leagues top WR get released with no flinching. Jackson is a monster on the field and makes defenses pay weekly when he is usually seen going deep in the end zone for yet another 40+ yard TD. The first reports on twitter and elsewhere said he was affiliated with a gang and that the Eagles were wanting to part ways with him via trade or release.

Looking back, the Eagles would have known if Desean was in a gang from day one. Even if he was, you can probably paint a decent section of the NFL with that brush as there are many players that grew up in less than favorable circumstances. So why axe him?

From the looks of the picture above, I’d be scared if he might be Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Dude blew open a plane, for real. Then he tried to kill the Steelers…ok the Rogues with explosions and stuff. Could D-Jax be capable of that? No, I doubt it. He doesn’t have that British accent, probably a pre-req.

Is he a Crip or is he a Blood? Secrets out most likely, Bloods win this one. Big uproar when he chose them, gives the Bloods a real foot in the door to go pro.
(this part of the story used as a joke only, it would be ridiculous to associate Desean Jackson with either of these groups)

Ok seriously, there had to be serious reasons to outright can Mr. Jackson with no return. He isn’t exactly the poster child for good behavior or smart behavior. This is the same guy that not once, but twice dropped the ball on the goal line. He isn’t quite Fred-Ex dumb, but he has personal issues most likely.

2 DeSean Jackson premature touchdown celebrations!

What Jackson does right though is he signs with a huge rival in the Redskins who just happen to be in the same division as those same Eagles. He gets a better QB in RGIII who can work with his own creativeness and other offensive weapons like Alfred Morris, Pierre GarKon, Jordan Reed and Leonard Hankerson. If the Skins O-line improves and keeps RGIII standing, Desean could definitely be in line for a huge 2014 season.

If Barack Obama approves of this deal, its the sky for D-Jax this year, and maybe….juuuuuuust maybe, Desean can legally bust out a red flag out his pocket for a TD, just don’t dunk it.

Oh I can’t wait for football season.

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Fantasy Football HATES you

From Thursday to Monday nights starting in September, most husbands, boyfriends, sons, and for you nerds out there, World of Warcraft; become zombies to the rest of the world. Football in all its glory returns and even more important, Fantasy Football, begins.

To be fair, there are some girls that play too, and for some of those unlucky leagues out there, they win. This is a hobby that creates billions in revenue each year across the world, and also loses billions I’m sure. If I put even HALF of the effort into my normal job as I did in fantasy football, well, I don’t want to even think about it. If I played fantasy football during college, I would STILL be in college. You get my point.

The unfair part of it is how much time and effort you have to put in to even try to win your league. I spent an hour on twitter this weekend trying to decide what Tight End to play and by Sunday afternoon, they were both out anyways. It sucks! I mean, who has three TE on their team? You can prepare all you want, get all the best info from the most knowledgable guys and it still comes down to what happens on the field. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady might be the best QB’s in the league, but even they suck sometimes.

Wanna know how nuts it is? When Aaron Hernandez was arrested, I GUARANTEE YOU, thousands of people were choked because NOW they have to find a new TE. He MURDERED 2, possibly 3 people, and Terrific Tom’s Touchdowns is scouring the league to see who will be available at the draft. The same reaction had to have happened when Mike Vick went to jail for his role in a dog fighting ring. How… I going to replace a QB like that? They’re just dogs right? Man I hope Vick doesn’t do too much time, maybe I’ll stash him on my bench for a year or so.

This epic funfest has put friendships in question, marriages on the rocks (no way?), work relationships in jeopardy, heck, jobs in jeopardy and all for a little bit of fun. Fantasy Football is so popular that FXX Network, a subsidiary of FOX, has a show called, The League. A group of friends that are in a fantasy league together and all the shenanigans that happen during their lives. Its a beauty and a must a watch.

It's ALL about the Shiva Bowl

It’s ALL about the Shiva Bowl

Sunday mornings haven’t been the same since Twitter joined fantasy sports either. There are loads of analysts that get PAID to give you advice on how to win your leagues every year, week in and week out. When you end up being the smartest guy in your league, odds are, there are a group of people online that are waaaay smarter than you. It would have been amazing to see how it was done even 10 years ago. “Dear Fantasy football guy, I have a big matchup this weekend, who do I start at QB: Rivers or Eli Manning? Thanks a lot, Ryan” “Dear Ryan, I just got your letter, I would start Rivers this week because Eli is on a bye week. Thanks for following us, Fantasy football guy. You can guess that would have been a blast getting snail mail a week or two later if you were lucky.

With Twitter now, you can have get real time answers the way call in shows have done, but way quicker and with more possibilities. See someone ask the same kind of question, just check your timeline and you can save yourself a question. Unless you are a real idiot and you ask the same question 100 times only to get nothing back. Or even better, ask a question that is brutally obvious and get ignored. “Who should I start at RB: Marshawn Lynch orrrrrr Trent Richardson? The only people that would find that funny though are the people in this special world.

If you hate this man, you love fantasy football.

Ya, I might be a mouth breather but I have 2 Super Bowls

Ya, I might be a mouth breather but I have 2 Super Bowls

Drafting is a big part of how your season will go and could even define your entire season early. If you haven’t done your homework or didn’t have a smart strategy, you could be 1-11 like a guy in my league is. The real thrill is finding a diamond in the rough after a week of games and he ends up being one of the NFL elite. You have to be a bit lucky or know what you think everyone else doesn’t know already.

Its sure amusing to think of what the hobby really is: a harsh, dark world of evil sorcery and old stabled hunks of meat used for the rich mans betting amusal. No one thinks of their favorite team anymore, its about numbers. Favorite team won? Who cares. Did the WR on the other team get 80 yards? HUGE playoff implications for division rivals? Great! I should totally get big points out of the RB in that game. Its like greyhounds; they are popular until they stop winning and then just tossed to the curb…or the glue farm while the next young stud is welcomed to Weeden Start the Fire’s PPR team.

Its a reason to get up in the morning…usually 7am on Tuesdays when the waiver wire opens, you gotta be first you know. Its even more fun when you screw over a guy you hate in your league, and take the guy he wanted knowing full well you don’t even need him and he’ll just rot away on your bench.

Oh fantasy football, the American dream, the Canadian nightmare and yet another reason the CFL still has a point for kicking the ball through the end zone. Seriously, stop that rule, its lame. The lacrosse league is starting to snicker at you.

And finally, the butt fumble again

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NFL Waiver Wire Addition

After watching the latest Monday Night Flopball between the Giants and the Vikings, it became brutally clear the NFL as a whole has a serious problem with Waiver Wire addiction.

You will DEFINITELY regret signing me

You will DEFINITELY regret signing me

Every year, injuries force their way onto an NFL roster and as soon they do, league GM’s are as predictable as Pavlov’s Dog. It’s pathetic! There is a perfectly good reason many of these players sit unsigned or released from former teams: they aren’t good enough or there is something wrong with them. Case and point  – Josh Freeman.

After a promising start with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4 years into his NFL, Freeman made some bad career choices and found himself a free agent. With rumors of being in the NFL’s substance abuse program, not showing up for the team picture and showing up late for team meetings, Josh’s days were numbered not only with the Bucs but in the NFL as well. He went from hero to zero.

Enter the Minnesota Vikings‘….problems. Unreliable Christian Ponder and just as bad Matt Cassel soil the sheets and all of a sudden the Vikings are looking for a guy to hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson 100 times a game. This sounds like a recurring theme in Minny. Well, if you watched the game at Metlife Stadium, the only numbers Freeman was consistantly hitting were the yard markers on the field.

This isn’t necessarily the best example of a bad free agent pickup but it isn’t the worst. Teams look for literally ANYONE to fill a spot that’s vacant. It sure doesn’t hurt the player’s chances if he started somewhere else recently. The problem is, how do you expect to all of a sudden turn your team around with an underperforming or questionable player at best? The band aid method is used far too often and it gives the NFL a black eye on the field. Its almost as bad as replacement referees, almost.

More like OVER the Hillis

More like OVER the Hillis

The man you see above turned in an amazing season with Cleveland in 2011 and EA Sports along with fan voting, rewarded him with the cover of Madden 12; definitely no easy feat. Since then, he has been less than Madden-esque. Starting his career as a relative unknown in Denver, Peyton Hillis skyrocketed up the charts in 2011 for the Cleveland Browns. Virtually unstoppable, he made the Browns worth watching again, and that is pretty much the only reason.

His stats began to drop in 2012 and to start the next season, Hillis was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Not being able hold a starting job, Hillis wasn’t re-signed. This season he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and again released. Recently, Hillis was picked up by the New York Giants and if you follow the NFL, you know there isn’t much perceived value there.

Apparently, drafting skill positions is harder than it looks. Teams constantly are picking up failed experiment after failed experiment to hold their team over until a star comes back or worse, to hopefully turn their teams around. Peyton Hillis is not that player. Josh Freeman is not that player. Brandon Stokley is not that player. And for whatever reason, Tim Tebow isn’t that player either. But that’s a whole other riddle wrapped in a riddle.

There has to be a breaking point where GM’s will finally realize, “we need to start developing guys from within a lot better than we are or we will be going to a cupboard that never is stocked properly”. Its an epidemic in both the REAL NFL and fantasy football alike.

In real life, players are just as easily add/dropped as they are in fantasy. There is no commitment factor for GM’s. If the guy stinks, we don’t have to keep him! The endless roulette of garbage keeps hope for nobodies on practice squads across America.

In fantasy football, as soon as a player isn’t performing for his GM, he can drop him and add a new guy quicker than it takes Albert Haynesworth to get to the line of scrimmage. The acceptable thing here is: its fantasy. No one cares outside of the group of guys playing in that league if Josh Freeman is on a roster one minute and sitting on the waiver wire waiting for the next schmuck to pick him up. In the NFL, these same decisions are made and every NFL team should be ashamed.

Week in and week out someone will get hurt and some washed up bum will get a second chance at fame…and probably a third and fourth after he fails to impress his newest coach.

The only way to stop this vicious cycle is for teams to STOP signing these guys. Promote from within like any good company does. Why waste your time on a guy you barely know? Your 4th string QB or RB might be the answer, and get this: You’re already paying him!

Will this trend change? Will the NFL learn from its mistakes? In short; no. Like a pretty girl at a nightclub with more issues than Reader’s Digest, there will be some guy that hasn’t dated her yet, and so the cycle goes again.

Maybe the NFL salary cap needs to be restructured so this mess stops happening every week, I don’t know. What we do know is that we can look forward to seeing someone’s trash in the starting lineup on another roster next Sunday.

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Winning is everything…except when you lose

I hate losing. I hate the idea of losing. Whats somewhat pathetic is that I personally did not lose. My decisions lost. By now it should be fairly obvious this is about fantasy football.

Building a dynasty isn’t easy and when you haven’t even won anything it makes it all that more difficult. This weekend, there was a chance to move ahead and cement my spot in elite club of winners. I was in the feeling that winning was going to take over this weekend and all would be good. Well going 0-3 changes all of that.

Sure doesn’t help when you play the undefeated guy with Peyton Freaking Manning on his team. Oh ya, I traded the guy Manning. Smart right? The word dynasty will come in handy in two years if Peyton takes over Papa Johns full time. So to start, that was bad decision #1.

#2 wasnt really a bad decision, it was my own cockiness. The winning I was planning on doing, didn’t happen in league #2. This is the league I am in with Roberto Luongo. Could have been in a tie for first place. Now i have to earn it. Boo.

The final league im in i just suck so really i don’t care on that one. Still sucks to lose.

To add one more thing, that Value Village commercial is THE BIGGEST HACK of a currently popular song. Macklemore, you might want to check into this.

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The Fantasy of Football


I hate that I don’t win all the time. It sucks. No one likes a loser and sometimes that person is me.

This guy above had the best outing of any QB in the history of all football games. OK sure, 5 others have done what he did. But they’re dead. What? some are still living? ok. This post is going south real quick.

Thankfully, in all of my leagues, not one of them did I face this tight helmeted figure. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a tough week. It was. Didn’t think the top 20 stars in the league would average 10-15 pts or less. They know its week one right?

I KNEW!!! I set my lineups well ahead of today and I feel like I barely treaded water today. Tomorrow is a new day though. A new day to have hope for victory, in at least one league. As I listen to this cool cat named Kid Ink, I truly thought I had bossed up. It was set, the matchups were in my favor.

Then 10am came. Forte DIDN’T run for 100 yards, Lance Moore DIDN’T go off (to be fair he’s up and down every week so I should be fine next week), Antonio Brown DIDN’T make headlines. See where im going here? This was a day to forget. Unless of course, you were watching for the games.

Then kiddies, it was a good day. Plenty of back and forth, plenty of collective “oooo” and “aaaah” and “WHAAAAAAT”? The Seahawks had a good finish to their day, Rams took their first game, some safeties were scored and the game I thought was the most interesting was the Jets/Bucs game.

No one should even care about this one but I was scouting out my boy Stephen Hill. Not bad but not great. The last 5 minutes were worth the price of admission. Im guessing. Looking forward to MNF tomorrow, should be fun!

I’ll be talking smack when I beat one of the less talented teams in my main league tomorrow.