Can Marshawn Lynch Achieve ‘Predator Mode’ at Super Bowl XLIX?

Everyone knows about beast mode, #beastmode and the man behind it, Marshawn Lynch. We’ve seen his festivus feats of strength against multiple opponents (Saints 2012, Cardinals 2014 and Packers 2015); but has Marshawn Lynch given his best performance yet? Not likely. I believe there’s about to be a whole lot of Skittles devoured on Super Bowl Sunday and ‘Beast mode‘ is about to become ‘Predator mode.’

After all the fluff is gone and the “media” lets the teams truly focus on the big game, it’s Seattle vs. New England for football’s biggest prize. There are so many angles to cover in this game and the one man that can really decide if the Seahawks have it all this weekend is the Predator himself. When Lynch has his game going, he’s virtually unstoppable. His unforgiving force propels him further than most uber athletic human beings are allowed. What looks like a 2 yard gain or even a stop at the line of scrimmage can turn into a 10-13 yard trench by sheer determination.

There are a handful of backs that have that ability but no one really impacts the game like Lynch does. He doesn’t usually break open for 70 yards to pay dirt because somehow, some way that last fluke happens and he is pushed out of bounds. But, what Lynch DOES do is immeasurable pain to opposing teams defense play after play. He is a workhorse and if the right crack in the armor happens, its game over for the Patriots.

Marshawn isn’t perfect and the media sure has pointed that out this week. He grabs his junk, he doesn’t say much and he wears his own hats. Sounds like a guy to me? His wallet will be a lot lighter before the big game even happens; but he can thank the No Fun League for that. The man that ravages as a beast on the field is about to to take all you know about him and unleash ‘Predator Mode’.

We all remember the famous Predator movies; the dreadlocks, the spooky awesome mask and the heat vision. Marshawn is capable of his biggest game at the Super Bowl and the lack of true star receivers only helps his cause. Last year, there was an arsenal at Russell Wilson’s disposal and every target was a weapon. Percy Harvin and Golden Tate were the deep threats and this year it’s a committee approach. The one constant has been the man I am now calling The Predator.


If you can’t stop him, if you can’t contain him there is little chance the game will end up positive for the Patriots. New England’s run defense this year ranked a decent 9th. They allowed 1669 yards from scrimmage and allowed 104.3 yards per game . When Lynch rushes for 85 yards or more, the Seahawks are 8-1 including playoffs and he has amassed 11 TD’s in that span, 2 of those games against top 10 defenses. Usually around the 90-100 yard mark is when the big game play happens and by then the the run defense has been broken apart. The Patriots pass D ranked 17th and allowed 3837 yards and 24 TD’s. Even Revis Island isn’t perfect all the time.

Russell Wilson will surely test NE’s DB’s at some point and he isn’t exactly a stranger to interceptions. But, knowing the air game will see it’s fair share on Sunday, that leaves Lynch to feast on the weak. Beast mode will be a thing of the past after the Seahawks claim their second Lombardi trophy in as many years and the Predator will be born. Despite his quirkiness, vulgarity and occasional self imposed vocal strikes, Marshawn Lynch is the most dangerous running back in the NFL.

Whatever the Seahawks decide to do in the offseason is their choice and up and coming power back Christine Michael may be the successor to Lynch’s throne. However, what the Seahawks would lose is a game breaker, a true game breaker that is unpredictable on the field. He has weaknesses and faults like any player does but at the end of the day he’s just a goofy guy that eats skittles and drags defenses all over the field.


Marshawn Lynch is the Predator, he will destroy you.

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Seattle Seahawks Feeling SUPER Again

It doesnt matter where they play: Seattle, Arizona, New York, who cares? The Seahawks are back to being arguably the NFL’s best team again. It didn’t look that way early on this season but the 12’s have come to play and no one is going to take their ball away. After plastering the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football 35-6, the Seahawks are firing on all cylinders going into the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks are feeling SUPER again and their timing couldn’t be any better.

After a convincing win in the season opener against the Green Bay Packers, Seattle played some pretty inconsistent ball for about 5 weeks. Losses to the Chargers, Rams and the Cowboys IN Seattle; everyone wondered if the Seahawks weren’t the same team as last year and if they had that same stellar defense that led them to the Super Bowl back in February.

I guess when you question the reigning champs, they either answer the bell or become another one and done. Safe to say the Seahawks are once again proving why they are in my opinion, the NFL’s star on their Christmas tree. Led by the Legion of Boom on D, Marshawn Lynch and one of the emerging elite QB’s in the league, Russell Wilson, Seattle has everything in place to repeat as champions.

Lost from a year ago are wideouts Golden Tate and Percy Harvin; the band kept playing though and Wilson has spread the targets around to everyone and continued his amazing reads when he keeps the ball himself. Russell Wilson may not have the rocket arm or the best offensive line but he keeps the play alive on every down and usually turns a few heads every game. He is having a career year in pretty much every category with less options at his disposal and when he calls his own number, it’s no different. Russell Wilson is gonna get paid this year, but knowing him, he’ll take a lot less to keep his team together.

The defensive unit has not only equalled their output from last year, they have scared their opponents into thinking twice about doing…well….anything without risking a turnover or getting fiercely embarrassed. The vocal leader of the Legion of Boom, Richard Sherman is having a better year than he did a season ago as QB’s have thought twice about sending a ball his way and don’t want to give him a chance to make a play. They’re better off though; getting sacked by anyone else on that D corps isn’t fun. Sherman may not statistically be better in all areas but when the ball isn’t thrown in his direction, that says it all.

At 11-4, Seattle is tied with the Cardinals for the NFC West lead. Aside from a “epic fail” as the kids say, the Seahawks should stroll to another division crown. If they do win, they get to play in the loudest stadium in the league until the Super Bowl. Sort of ironic, being that they have quietly made their mark without destroying their opponents every week. Pete Carroll plays to win and if the blowouts come, well, that’s the other teams fault.

Another question going into the playoffs and really into the offseason is Beast mode aka Marshawn Lynch. There have been some interesting situations this season with Lynch from an “upset stomach” to not sitting with his team mates and just his quirky approach. Marshawn is once again showing why Seattle really needs to think hard about letting him go. Since 2011, Lynch has rushed for at least 1200 yards, 11.5 TD and averaged almost 4.5 yards per attempteach year. He has 14 fumbles and lost 6 in that same time.

Maybe don’t sit him in the first quarter, just saying

The X factor with Marshawn is that once he starts running, it takes an army and sometimes more to stop him. His “beast mode” runs are a thing of beauty. There is no one like him aside from maybe Le’veon Bell of Pittsburgh, and to give up on him because of a few potential issues seems like a tough decision. Backups Robert Turbin and Christine Michael just aren’t Lynch. They just aren’t. Another trip to the Super Bowl and maybe a win, could change Seattle’s decision and think about keeping “skittles” around for awhile.

I’m sure we all remember this one too:

Going into the playoffs, the Seahawks are primed for another run to the Lombardi. There may be only a few teams that will challenge them and honestly, it will take a lot for them to lose. If Seattle DOES go all the way, they probably will have to go through Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning/Tom Brady. I can’t wait.

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It’s 4th Down, Bottom Of The 9th With The Goalie Pulled

When it comes to football, baseball and hockey, the blame game often lies on the Quarterback, Pitcher and the Goalie. Is it their fault the rest of their team blew their assignments to put all the pressure on these guys? Depends on who you ask I suppose. These three positions are quite similar in how the public views them and what is asked of them by their coach and team mates. Who has it worse? Who deserves the most blame? Even championships can’t save these guys.

It’s Sunday Night Football, Brady vs. Manning, Rodgers vs. Romo; the spotlight is shining brightest on the man behind center. The matchup is always QB vs QB, not team vs team. Quarterbacks are paid the big contracts and are the face of the franchise. Who starts on Sunday is the big discussion on talk radio and when the chips are down every throw, run and sack is scrutinized.

Baseball takes a different approach by employing the starting rotation. Every team has 5 guys they deem are worthy of leading their team to victory once every 5 days. The pitching duel isn’t as relevant but again they face the most scrutiny because they are the players that start

Goaltending in hockey shares the spotlight that the other two positions do; the flip is that they are the last guy to beat before a goal is awarded. Unfortunately, the goalie is the one often blamed for a team’s misplays. It doesn’t matter if the defense is brutally awful or the forwards can’t cross center ice without giving up the puck, if the puck goes in, cue the boo birds.

Every Sunday the best quarterbacks in the league can be hung out to dry by a stellar defense or an offensive line that has more holes than swiss cheese. The QB is commonly the one to blame and his performance is the lightning rod for why his team did so poorly. The amount of study that goes in to one game is mind numbing: option reads, deep plays, the run game and the unforeseen flag all go into how a team fairs when they have the ball. A poorly timed pass can result in an interception that could end the game.

Once the pitcher steps onto the mound it’s his game. All the preparation and game tape can change in an instant when the first pitch of the game goes deep over the left field wall. Thankfully, baseball is played a pitch at a time and even a badly executed pitch can be recovered by a well positioned fielder. Quarterbacks can relate to a degree, the game is in their hands until they let go, then it gets real.

Even though a goalie doesn’t have the puck to start the game, it takes seconds to have them involved. Goalies have it pretty rough. There is so much that has to happen before its their fault, however, one mistake by anyone on their team can be forgiven if the goalie does his job properly. Goalies can be asked to steal games when the guys up front aren’t necessarily equipped to get the job done on their end.

What links these 3 positions together?

Aside from the crazy hate, relentless criticism and the ability to lose their job because they don’t win EVERY SINGLE game; all of these people share a remarkable mental toughness and are celebrated for doing a job most players wouldn’t want to be responsible for. Putting a blatantly obvious interception in the rear view mirror when it puts his team behind takes a special type of athlete and even more special when he can engineer a game winning drive in the last 2 minutes.

Having a pitcher give up consecutive home runs or walking in the go ahead run to have the reliever come in and strikeout out the side to get his team back in is something most athletes don’t want to be responsible for. Or maybe its the flip side and the pitcher has a perfect game or a no hitter going; its the loneliest place in the world but you know your team will do whatever it takes to keep it alive and it doesn’t matter who you cheer for, you want to see it happen.

Behind the mask, the puck is the ultimate decider of fate. A quarterback can throw an interception but the game isn’t necessarily over, a pitcher can give up a hit, doesn’t mean the winning run comes in; with goaltending, when the puck crosses that line, you failed. Its final. So much can be put on the tender for what HE didn’t do to keep the puck out when a blown assignment by his defense gave the goalie no chance aside from a miracle. Its a cruel, cruel game.

As the great Uncle Ben from Spiderman once said “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Nothing rings truer than these 3 positions. Championships are won and lost on a bad pitch, an overthrown pass or a screened shot. ERA, WHIP, pass completion, QB ratings, touchdowns, interceptions, save percentage, GAA, shutouts, perfect games and no hitters; none of that matters unless there is a W attached to it.

The pressure to perform at each of these sport’s biggest positions is incredible but the rewards can turn an ordinary Joe into Joe Montana. If I had to pick, goaltending is the hardest. The split second decisions are so drastic that a teams downfall can happen quite quickly. I don’t envy any of those guys.

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Is The NFL About To Tank?

Is the best run sports league in the world teetering on a monumental collapse? The $10 billion+ industry has built up an empire. TV deals, endorsement deals, apparel and the players themselves have created a product unparalleled by any other league. As soon as teams open their doors every Sunday, they are rolling in the green….ok except the Bills and maaaaybe the Jaguars. But is the NFL actually about to tank?

No matter what seems to happen outside the field of play or even on the field, the NFL always seems to have an answer to keep the critics at bay. There have been so many incidents that have potentially given the league a black eye (ie: Brett Favre sexting a cheerleader, Ray Lewis murder charges, Michael Vick dog fighting ring, Patriots Spygate, numerous arrests and convictions of players across the league), but it always seems to be status quo.

That list of incidents is not something any company, family or organization would want to associate with and yet the NFL seems to go by a motto of “If we wait long enough, you’ll forget and forgive”. If you think about it for a second, that rings pretty true. However, with the string of activity in the news this past month; the NFL may not be able to push this under the rug. It isn’t about saving face and making everything good again, it isn’t about reacting to public sentiment; It’s about admitting they have been so wrong about their role in all of this and rebuilding an image that has been heavily tarnished.

The Ray Rice elevator knockout case was the first blow that really put the NFL and Roger Goodell in their place. Lying, coverups and more lying only made it worse. Ray Rice knocked out his then fiance in an elevator and the league literally said a two game suspension was plenty long because he had never done anything like that before. This coincided with repeat offender, Josh Gordon, enjoying the green leafy cigarettes and being suspended for a whole season. Seems fair.

This whole situation seemed laughable, and then, the elevator video was released. For whatever reason, things THEN became real. Or did they? After Rice was released from the Ravens and indefinitely suspended by the league, it seemed like the NFL had done enough. Again, a handful of suspensions were being applied for using banned substances at the time the Rice incident was going on. Four games here, a few games there; the NFL was handling business as usual, despite public outcry.

It might have been salvageable at this point for the league and maybe if they did enough, it was again a case of apologize and wait for people to forget. Adrian Peterson didn’t help that theory. “All Day” as he’s called was charged with child abuse when he disciplined his four year old son with what is called a “switch”. A switch is a whip like tree branch used for discipline instead of say, a leather belt. After the photos of the “beating” took place, there was no turning back.

The NFL now officially has a problem they can’t sweep away. Despite the press conference that was issued, the promises that were made and the apparent support from the owners of the NFL teams, Roger Goodell may possibly run the league into the ground. Sometimes you can’t climb until you fall. Domestic violence, child abuse, rape, animal abuse and even murder are becoming all too familiar lingo in the NFL and the sponsors and supporters of the league have finally had enough; they aren’t taking this lying down.

Anheuser-Busch aka Budweiser has not so nicely said that if the NFL doesn’t get their act together, their $1 billion agreement is very much in jeopardy. Money talks. The moment you don’t have it anymore, is when you start to listen. It’s really tough to say how intently the league IS listening but their immediate acts are a good start. Other sponsors have already pulled their support of athletes because at the end of the day public image is job one.

The NHL needed two lockouts to get their act together and now the league is stronger than ever. Might the NFL need a wakeup call that drastic? Time will tell and $10 billion a year is quite a statement.

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Seahawks JUST DO IT

Well its been about 7 months since the Seattle Seahawks won their first ever SuperBowl. Punishing the Denver Broncos capped off an amazing season and everyone wondered, could they do it again? On Sept 4, 2014, the Hawks hosted the Green Bay Packers and didn’t disappoint the 12’s. Seattle controlled most of the play in the game and finished the Packers off 36-16.

The Seahawks JUST DO IT. Sorry Nike, they just took over the game.

We waited and waited and waited and it finally came. The Clink as it’s called hosted the NFL’s kickoff 2014 and made sure the ratings were up, up and away. From Pharrell to Soundgarden, it was an event that turned Seattle into a mini SuperBowl frenzy. Well, the Seahawks put pen to paper and inked a 1-0 start to their season.

It’s anyone’s guess as to when the Hawks will fall victim to the dreaded “loss” but the way they showed up the Packers, it won’t be soon.

The 2014 season brings new life to the Northwest warriors; Percy Harvin finally gets to show Seattle fan’s what they have been jonesing for, Richard Sherman can hopefully continue to backup his new contract extension and that Russell Wilson guy? Let’s see him win another ring.

The season is one game old and it feels like we have all these storylines to talk about, and that’s just ONE TEAM. I can’t wait for Sunday.

Oh, by the way; my fantasy team did just fine this evening.

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Welcome Back NFL, We Missed You

Although, this play didn’t win the SuperBowl last season, it did set the Seattle Seahawks into hyperdrive to clinch their first ever Lombardi Trophy. It was a season filled with surprises and superstars but like only the NFL can, it made us tune in to see what else was next. Well, come Thursday, it all starts again. Welcome back NFL, we missed you.

The defending champ, Seahawks, are hosting the Green Bay Packers. There have been a few memorable matchups between these two teams, none really more memorable than the touchterception call by the replacement refs that forced the NFL to ante up and pay their normal referees to come back.

Hopefully nothing that awful occurs this year. There will however, be some big names to watch once we kickoff at Centurylink Field on Thursday. Is Peyton Manning still in the driver’s seat to get his Broncos back to the SuperBowl? Or is the sun setting on the future Hall of Famer? An obvious question, will the Seahawks repeat with their stellar team that absolutely demolished the Broncos last year? Tough to say.

I personally am excited to see a few stars own it this year:

Adrian Peterson – I just want this guy to crush the rushing record so bad. He is a phenomenal athlete and he makes that position look easy. He enjoys hitting people to prove his point and an overall nice guy. Good luck AP.

Percy Harvin – AP’s former teammate is going to get a full season to play in the Seahawks offense and it personally gets me a bit too excited. He has amazing speed, hybrid receiver/running back abilities and he’s big too! If anything happens to Lynch this year, I doubt anyone will worry with Harvin and Christine Michael holding down the backfield.

Jimmy Graham – Jimmy got paid. Jimmy’s gotta step up his game even more. Jimmy wants to be paid like a wideout? Put up a 2k season. That will get you that kind of money. Jimmy thinks he just called out Jimmy Graham. Bad idea.

Johnny Manziel – This man probably will only have one rival this year for hype and HE was drafted first overall. Johnny Football is a lifestyle it seems. He can party, he can be named the backup but all in all, JF will be a star in the NFL. He has everything to make him a star and he may just take Cleveland further than they ever have been. Josh Gordon gone? Who cares. Manziel will more than make up for it with his read option ability and his wealth of targets.

Jadeveon Clowney – Finally this guy. He is a monster. He is a wildebeest with a smile. Houston made a great pick with Clowney to join forces with JJ Watt. Offenses will have nightmares when they have to face these two. I would prefer to never even face these guys let alone tell you what type of grass is used once they bury my face in the ground. Check this clip:

Jacked up yet? There’s only one other thing that makes football even better: Fantasy Football. Yes it’s “fake football” time and everyone is geeked up. Hopefully both of my teams go all the way and life will be complete. Its entirely possible.

I have also put my hat in the ring for a chance to become part of NFL Canada‘s digital street team. It would truly be an honor to be officially associated with the NFL. I’ll let you know if it happens. In fact, I am sure you’ll hear a lot about it if I do.

So, get your popcorn ready, put on your favorite Brett Favre jersey (he played for a few teams) and plunk down on that old leather chair and get ready for the best NFL season ever.

One last thing.

You’re welcome.

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NFL Canada’s “Digital Street Team” SIGN..ME…UP

After the Seahawks aaaaabsolutely CRUSHED the Broncos at SuperBowl XLVIII, there was a large void in many fans lives. What would we do until the draft? Do they still serve wings after football season? SHOOT! It’s February, I forgot to buy Christmas presents. These are all things that I am sure are quite common once they award the Lombardi trophy.

Now that the NFL is back, preseason is well underway and with that comes all the fun stuff that surrounds the game. In NFL Canada’s case, they have come up with their very own “Digital Street Team”. These brave individuals, when chosen, will help spread the the awesomeness that is the NFL across Canada via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Etc.

You’re probably thinking, is there a fee for this? No, but I’m glad you asked. Will a salesperson visit my home? Nope, it’s free. You can follow as much or as little as you like. If you are over the age of 18 you are already pre approved! How bout that? The NFL is by far the best marketed league in sports and every year they continue to prove why.

The NFL is so popular now, when people hear thanksgiving, they forget that turkey is still part of the celebration. Football has changed the landscape of how other sports market their leagues. When you have a multi billion dollar empire, you must be doing a few things right.

#WannabeDST is the new #icebucketchallenge. It’s what you get your hair cut for. You want your new girlfriend’s parents to know you are an ambassador of the N….F….L. How much better does it get than that?

I will be creating a campaign to earn my spot on this prestigious roster and take my place among royalty. Watch out NFL Canada, you won’t know what hit’cha. See that pic at the top? That’s Cameron Wake. Biggest CFL -> NFL contract ever! Sacked Tom Brady on MNF and an absolute beast on the field. HE is NFL Canada at it’s finest. That’s what I will be bringing you as a DST member. SUIT UP!!

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Desean Jackson is a Washington Redskin now. What we DON’T know yet, is if he is a Crip or a Blood. Secondly, he is NOT Bane from Batman.

It sure was a surprise to see one of the leagues top WR get released with no flinching. Jackson is a monster on the field and makes defenses pay weekly when he is usually seen going deep in the end zone for yet another 40+ yard TD. The first reports on twitter and elsewhere said he was affiliated with a gang and that the Eagles were wanting to part ways with him via trade or release.

Looking back, the Eagles would have known if Desean was in a gang from day one. Even if he was, you can probably paint a decent section of the NFL with that brush as there are many players that grew up in less than favorable circumstances. So why axe him?

From the looks of the picture above, I’d be scared if he might be Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Dude blew open a plane, for real. Then he tried to kill the Steelers…ok the Rogues with explosions and stuff. Could D-Jax be capable of that? No, I doubt it. He doesn’t have that British accent, probably a pre-req.

Is he a Crip or is he a Blood? Secrets out most likely, Bloods win this one. Big uproar when he chose them, gives the Bloods a real foot in the door to go pro.
(this part of the story used as a joke only, it would be ridiculous to associate Desean Jackson with either of these groups)

Ok seriously, there had to be serious reasons to outright can Mr. Jackson with no return. He isn’t exactly the poster child for good behavior or smart behavior. This is the same guy that not once, but twice dropped the ball on the goal line. He isn’t quite Fred-Ex dumb, but he has personal issues most likely.

2 DeSean Jackson premature touchdown celebrations!

What Jackson does right though is he signs with a huge rival in the Redskins who just happen to be in the same division as those same Eagles. He gets a better QB in RGIII who can work with his own creativeness and other offensive weapons like Alfred Morris, Pierre GarKon, Jordan Reed and Leonard Hankerson. If the Skins O-line improves and keeps RGIII standing, Desean could definitely be in line for a huge 2014 season.

If Barack Obama approves of this deal, its the sky for D-Jax this year, and maybe….juuuuuuust maybe, Desean can legally bust out a red flag out his pocket for a TD, just don’t dunk it.

Oh I can’t wait for football season.

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Safety with numbers

There are moments in sports that transcend reality; what happened at Super Bowl XLVIII was beyond reality. Literally, from the opening snap of the game, the Denver Broncos were not only playing catchup but they were left scratching their heads all night. The Seattle Seahawks did it right, they played their game. They scored a safety and a whole lot more.

Lost in all the fanfare and the bright lights of the Super Bowl was a storyline that probably doesn’t get enough credit: the Seahawks were the underdog. What goes with the underdog status is the background story that is all too familiar in the Northwest sports scene. No matter how much success, how many awards or how many wins the Seahawks piled up, they were still an underdog.

Its such a striking name to have. Having everyone view you as essentially, the loser, and you haven’t even played the game yet. How many wins will it take to earn the respect of being the better team? Do you have to win it all before you get the respect you deserve? Tough call; the New England Patriots didn’t have to deal with the critics the way the Seahawks have had to. Once Tom Brady ushered in his era of dominance, and so early too, he was a winner and anything the Patriots accomplished was added to that success.

The Hawks had been to the Super Bowl only 8 seasons prior and were a threat that year too! But they weren’t favored to win. They were the underdog. Having a rushing leader in Shaun Alexander that season gave Seattle a legitimate shot at winning the big game that year. The Seahawks would lose to the Steelers and to this day it is still questioned on if the referees cost the Hawks the title.

When you live in British Columbia or Washington State or the surrounding areas, you have dealt with the rest of North America calling you less than worthy. The Seahawks in this case, have had success in a lot of ways and lay claim to a few Hall of Famers. One would think this would give some legitimacy to their franchise. How about making 2 Super Bowls in 8 years? Nope, still isn’t good enough. Sure, the Hawks have been contenders for many years, had some rough patches as well, but they are basically viewed as the team that still just isn’t at that elite level. Statistically, they deserve a lot more credit than they are getting but no one that matters is giving it to them.

If you cheer for the Vancouver Canucks, its a story all too familiar. So many years of dominance in the Northwest Division, awards, star players coming up through the ranks, and a few Stanley Cup appearances to their name. All of that, and they are still viewed as a team that doesn’t deserve to be a favorite. They aren’t the sexy Chicago Blackhawks or Pittsburgh Penguins. There is no credit where its due. Will winning a title change all that? Hopefully it will. The Canucks deserve to be thought of as elite and not just another team that didn’t win. Maybe not this season though.

Now that the Seahawks can call themselves Super Bowl Champions, maybe the rest of the NFL will finally see what us locals have seen for a long time: a team that deserves to be called Champion. There are no Tom Brady’s or Peyton Manning’s. No Jerry Rice Ok he did have a quick stint there, but lets not dwell on that. This is a team that was built from the ground up and bought into a family mentallity, not just a team. This is a team that had a defense that had less holes in it than a bowling ball.

The Seattle Seahawks are now part of an exclusive club and nothing can change that. No controversy to stain their win, no bad calls or non calls that could have cost the Denver Broncos the game. The Hawks just flat out annihilated the Broncos and they made it look easy. They made it look like just another game, just another opponent. They are now for real and will be taken seriously. It took a win to do it but they won’t be called underdog anymore.

It all started with a Safety. It started with Pete Carroll putting together a family. It started with the Seattle Seahawks not listening to the haters and showing them why they should be taken seriously.

Congratulations Seattle Seahawks! You are our heroes

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Why you gotta hate? Seahawks edition

A sequence seen too often, a west coast un respected team that finally wins and makes one move that the nation takes personally and all of a sudden they are public enemy #1. The Vancouver Canucks know this all too well after their rise to fame, heck even the Penguins saw a little flack when Sidney Crosby was labelled a whiner. Now, its Seattle’s turn.

Apparently its not supposed to happen this way. A good team from a small market isn’t supposed to win, isn’t supposed to beat their rival in a monstrous game, and definitely isn’t supposed to brag about it. Enter the Seattle Seahawks. They had a season that any NFL fan would be proud to say was their team. They did what so many teams failed to do, get to the Superbowl. And not just get there, they did it in dramatic fashion. They didn’t have a 4000 yard passer, they didn’t have the NFL’s leading rusher, they didn’t have the same group the whole season that fought through the trenches. The Hawks were constantly replacing offensive lineman game after game; which for a lot of teams might see the end of their good fortunes. They beat the 49ers in a game that seemed to be over after the Seahawks first play when Russell Wilson fumbled the ball and gave the Niners possesion.

For a Hawks team that man handled some of the top teams in the league this year, they looked ordinary and lifeless in the first half. So a local kid popped a few tags, got the crowd jacked and out came the 12th man in the second half, and boy did they ever. The Hawks would rally back and take the lead in the second half and eventually secure their berth to Superbowl XLVIII with a Richard Sherman tip to cause the game winning interception n the end zone over Michael Crabtree. Those two men were at each other this season and with the rivalry at the peak of its intensity, a play that ended the game brought on a ton of emotion. Crabtree was having a beauty of a day on the field which he usually does in the playoffs and the play that would most likely have sealed the deal fell short.

Here’s where most people will differ in opinion: Why was it such a big deal that Richard Sherman unleashed his WWE promo after causing the winning play in the game for his team? Have you not won a big game before? Have you ever beaten a buddy at Madden that was a bit more intense than it should have been? Did you not expect an outspoken Sherman to have SOMETHING to say when he was the first guy interviewed by Erin “eye candy” Andrews? She didn’t exactly hold her own in that interview. Did she not have a follow up question to maybe address why that play pushed the 12th man over the edge? NO, she didn’t. Richard Sherman did what ANY big player would have done in the same situation, he spoke up after totally owning his man in what would have most likely been a game winning touchdown. So forgive me if the “thug” had a bit of emotion on his chest when he sealed his teams berth into the Superbowl.

It seems like if you win you aren’t allowed to be excited about it….ITS THE FREAKING SUPERBOWL!!!! The fact that Sherman carried his rivalry with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh since college makes the play all that more amazing. The fact the Hawks beat the team they were predicted to play before the preseason even started is amazing. Add the fact that a 2nd year QB, a guy who literally stole the job away from a guy who inked a fat payday after subbing in for Mr. Discount Double Check for one game. This Seahawks team is way more special than the team that faced the Steelers in Superbowl XL. They have a more rounded team, a more unified team, and I am pretty sure that they have guys that won’t drop the ball in the end zone this time, ya I’m talking to you Jerramy Stevens.

I intercepted yo mouth breathin brother man, Imma pick you off too

I intercepted yo mouth breathin brother man, Imma pick you off too
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Why is it that once a team gets popular because of their success, that the sports world turns on them. Because they beat YOUR TEAM? Because YOUR TEAM didn’t make it that far? Because YOUR TEAM didn’t have the talent to do what they did? The Redskins went through the same thing with RG3. As soon as there was a sign of weakness, all of a sudden RG3 is selfish and a “I” guy. The underdog is cool until they reach stardom and then everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop. So tell me why is it that the biggest play of the game wasn’t allowed to be talked about by the guy that MADE the play? This sheep sports society doesn’t like its wool straightened out, it doesn’t like anything out of the norm. It needs to have a hero and the hero always wins. Well what if the hero has a big mouth? Is that ok?

Sports is so weird. Everyone wants the league to be more exciting, more unpredictable. Well this post season has been anything BUT predictable and as soon as someone says anything about it, now its an issue. GET A GRIP! The NFL has been robbed of any ounce of fun and the fun is hitting major heights, so saddle up and enjoy.

The NFL is looking better than it ever did and it finally has an opportunity to max out on a small market team and get them back in the spotlight. Not only that, they are facing a soon to be hall of famer with an offense that shot to kill and didn’t look back. They are facing a man that doesn’t exactly lose a lot. Don’t hate on the guys that make the sport more exciting, has the NO FUN LEAGUE brainwashed the casual fan, or worse, the diehard?

It’s Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson, its the Denver Broncos vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Two #1 teams with a #1 defense on one side and a #1 offense on the other. It doesn’t get any better than that. So there won’t be any Kaepernicking this year, there won’t be any power outages and there will definitely be some history made on that fine Sunday.

There will also be a sick ton of Skittles.

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