3 on 3 overtime

The Secret Reason The Sedins Aren’t Good at 3 on 3

Admit it, you’re intrigued. Its one of life’s great mysteries that has yet to unriddle itself. Much like the age old ones that it joins (how’d they get the caramilk into the caramilk bar, why do they call it bluetooth and where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?), why do the Sedins absolutely blow at the 3 on 3 bonus round of hockey after 60 minutes? The answer might surprise you but I have nothing better to do and my hot taek theory just might be so bang on that it will make it’s way straight to the top (Willie D’s chalk talk).


We’ve all wondered why the Sedins just don’t click when the game hits OT and all of a sudden they’re in a 3 vs. 3 nightmare scenario every time. 5 on 5, the Sedins are arguably THE top producing pair over the last 10 years, moreso let’s look at the last 5 or so. I might look into that later on. HA, I found it! At 5th, thats arguable enough for me, but hey I’m a pushover sometimes. So when its even strength or even a normal power play, why are Henrik and Daniel SO good?

You would think with all that extra space they would be able to dominate and make lesser non twin team mates look silly; that isn’t the case. When it’s full strength, the duo have put up a combined PDO of 101.6 since 2010 and a CF% of 57.9. That’s ridiculous! Here are the full stats from Puckalytics.com:


Player_Name TOI GF GA GF60 GA60 GF% Sh% Sv% PDO CF CA CF60 CA60 CF%
Together 4659:17 218 136 2.81 1.75 61.6 8.54 93.10 101.6 4747 3458 61.13 44.53 57.9
HENRIK SEDIN* 792:28 40 33 3.03 2.50 54.8 10.26 92.34 102.6 702 783 53.15 59.28 47.3
DANIEL SEDIN* 609:28 21 27 2.07 2.66 43.8 7.34 91.64 99.0 546 574 53.75 56.51 48.8

OK, but I promised you that I knew the secret to their 3 on 3 woes and I’m getting there; I will say it’s based more on theory than stats but hopefully you will still be my friend after I tell you. Can we agree on that right now?

So here it is, my manifesto, my deer hunter:

Henrik and Daniel have always looked for the winger that best compliments them and can understand their thought process, their cycle game and can stick up for them when things get dicey. Add to that the two defencemen that flank the blue line to make sure the Twins can do their thing and you have a line that has so often been unstoppable. So when you take away 2 players you would think that gives Henrik and Daniel more room to work and that patented drop pass would just own.

It doesn’t.

By going to a 3 man group you have to have one dman to get them the puck and NOW they don’t have their 3rd cycle guy on the wing. To add to the obvious frustration that both you and I have, not to mention the Sedins, the 3rd guy that DOES join them is usually a defenseman and quite frankly his job is to defend and if given the opportunity maybe set up a point shot. That’s pretty rare though.

So now you’ve gotten rid of your winger that completes the cycle, you’ve eliminated your other defender and the distraction of the cycle is gone! The beauty of it and the reason its so amazingly effective is that the winger that completes it gets to be involved and the defense holds the line in case of emergency or if they need to get the puck up top and back to Henrik or Daniel to start it all over again.

The Twins aren’t the fastest skaters which is also a reason they should rename the hooking penalty “Sedining” and every team that the Canucks face have fast forwards that can adjust and race up the ice on a bad rebound which seems to be a very regular occurrence these days. If the cycle breaks down even a little bit, the Sedins are exposed pretty quickly and with only one other guy back there isn’t enough time to haul back and break up most certainly a 2, potentially 3 on 1.

I love the Twins, I really do but if just like the Canucks botched the use of Luongo in big game situations ,(see 2011 Stanley Cup Final, 2013 Heritage Classic) they continue to put Henrik and Daniel in OT, the results will eventually dwindle back to absolute zero. There isn’t a different formula that works for them together. If you are going to have either of them on the ice in OT, separate them and do it now.

The other alternative is that you put in players that are  more suited to race up and down the ice on a dime, Jannik Hansen, Bo Horvat and Ben Hutton perhaps? I’ll even include Alex Burrows, Sven Baertschi, Jared McCann and what they hey, Luca Sbisa! Look at the last points column after wins and losses, it’s OTL and you know what Canucks fans, that is going to be your most important category of all.

It will be this year’s version of the 2012 Phoenix, yes Phoenix Coyotes. The OTL will be as popular as #HUTTONmania or #weareallcanucks or even #pleaserefundmytickets.

Saying the Sedin’s shouldn’t be on the ice is criminal but if its OT, I don’t want them together and I don’t care how you do it. The proof has already presented itself and Willie’s burnt enough games now that it should be crystal clear. No more OT Sedins.

You will hear the phrase “addition by subtraction” but in the Sedins OT scenarios its subtraction by subtraction and that is the worst kind of subtraction. If there are any math gurus out there that have a worse kind of subtraction, let me know. I’ll listen.

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Canucks Should Welcome 3 on 3 OT Spree

Things aren’t going to drastically change this season for the Vancouver Canucks and in a way that’s a good thing. Its no surprise things will once again be tight on the scoreboard but it may finally play into their favour. Overtime was once boring but oh how the times have changed.

Last year the Canucks were involved in 31 one goal games, 20 of those believe it or not were wins and get this: 12 of 17 games were won in OT or the beloved shootout.

With the NHL switching to 3 on 3 overtime this season, fans everywhere will be treated to fast paced, insane odd man rushes and hopefully quicker finishes to games that drag on longer than they need to with the gimmicky shootout bonus round.

So why should Canucks nation be excited about this? Well if you saw the Young Stars tournament in Penticton, B.C. this past weekend, you know that 3 on 3 creates excitement and it creates winners….quickly.

The Canucks are no longer an offensive juggernaut as they will be searching for scoring from pretty much everyone but Henrik and Daniel. That being said, the Twins aren’t spring chickens anymore and they won’t be producing to the levels they did when they were poppin collars and collecting those Art Vandelay Ross trophies.

Moving to 3 on 3 will actually give the Canucks reason for hope though. Sadly, as many games as I think they could win will be moot when and if they make the playoffs and they get brutally embarrassed once again by a Calgary or Anaheim or quite possibly the Los Angeleses. I think i just pluralized Los Angeles.

Lets let that sink in. It’s impressive.

Going back to that neato stat at the beginning, just over 1/3 of Canucks hockey last year was of the nail biting variety. I prefer not to relive it so if you go back we probably blew a good chunk of games too!

Again as I stated above, they won 12 of those games past regulation. So its safe to say even if they get remotely better this year whether it be better goaltending, a few of the young bucks having a surprisingly good year or just playing enough teams at the height of their suckdom; the Canucks can benefit from dragging out their games past 60 minutes.

Henrik and Daniel are the obvious choices to be put out for NBA Jam type hockey and Willie D may need to have 3-4 set options come OT. Practicing the shootout was something coaches didn’t really want to put too much effort into but with OT changing this year, this is a new outlet for the Canucks to specialize in.

I’d venture the Canucks can close out at least 5 more wins this year in OT with the new format. Having a puck moving defenseman will be key and if Luca Sbisa can work on one thing this year, it can be a successful outlet pass that isn’t turned into a breakaway on Ryan Miller. But lets be serious, he won’t be out there.

Canucks fans should embrace this new reality and maybe even cheer for it. I know, cheer for your team to drag their knuckles until its GO TIME!!! We don’t have Mason ” I’m fast but I trip over the blue line” Raymond anymore to give us the speed but guys like Bo Horvat, Jake “All the murders” Virtanen, Sven Baertschi and Mr. Clutch Canuck Alex Burrows can all make a difference in the new overtime.

This no doubt will turn OT into a young mans game or Sidney Crosby’s paradise, I’m not sure which. However, in a search for goals this year, the Canucks can definitely count on overtime being kind to them.

There will be plenty to complain about and I’ll be right there with you but one constant we will most likely cheer for is the puck dropping in OT. A line of Bo Horvat, Alex Burrows and Alex Edler could be very dangerous, I like danger….

Everything could go swimmingly in OT for the Canucks this year but they’ll have to get their first and if they don’t score enough goals or obviously keep them out; OT will be something we’ll see in every other arena outside of the lower mainland.

Maybe let’s just win in regulation, by a goal or two. I know, that’s crazy you say.

It’s too crazy, too crazy indeed.

Worst case scenario, we get this:

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