When You Let Always90four Pick Your Goal Song (Canucks Edition)

Music. It drives sports, it sets the tone of what’s about to happen, what just happened or some cheesy synthesizer at a basketball game when the guys trot up the court. In hockey, the warmups welcome you to the arena with a mix of everything the team is listening to in the dressing room. It sets the tone. The intro song when the team officially skates on the ice is as important as how the team performs, or so it seems in Vancouver.

Now the goal song, that gets criticized as much as the intro. Apparently if its not the most fitting song ever, its wrong and why bother even showing up? The Canucks ran with U2’s “Where the streets have no name” for many years as the intro song but that got them nowhere. No Cups…not even one.

As for the goal tune? Holiday by Green Day, Gold on the Ceiling by the Black Keys and Clutch by Electric Worry. That last one was actually not too shabby.

In a recent article over on Vancity Buzz, they shed light on what the Canucks are doing this season: Having individual goal songs for each player. Im half skeptical about this and half excited. Maybe I’ll finally here Alex Burrows raise his hands to the latest Dem Levato or some throwback Hansen. Your guess is as good as mine.

So I thought, because I’m so amazingly good at unearthing a great song and spreading it to the masses, why not pick each goal song for every Canuck? What could possibly go wrong? Well for starters, this article is going to have a sick ton of music videos.

After you’re done laughing, ridiculing, applauding in amazement over my choices, go on over to Canucks Army and check out Sillig Ekim’s take on this hot subject. Most certainly it will be better than what I have picked but I’ll let you cast judgement when I’m done.

OK, lets do this……..

Henrik Sedin – He’s the older of the two Sedin twins. So his song should be better than Daniels. I have chosen Drowning Pool’s Tear Away. Kinda dark and twisted for Henrik but the chorus is key here: “I don’t care about anyone else but me” Maybe an ode to his 2010 season when he decided to keep the puck to himself and win the Art Ross?

Daniel Sedin – The obvious choice here is the Olsen Twins – Brother for Sale. There was never another option.

Alex Burrows – Does anyone know what he’s saying half the time? I don’t. I love Alex but this song is pretty fitting IMO. Weird Al – Word Crimes

Brandon Sutter – He’s relatively new to the Canucks still and his song choice is kinda weird but when he was moved from the 2nd line to the top group with the twins, this one just seemed fitting. Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

Sven Baertschi – I know, he’s not swedish but this just seems to work. Never put me in charge of this task again. Swedish Chef from the Muppets

Bo Horvat – Young Bo is a teen phenom and you tell me, is this not fitting for our young superstar? Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit

Radim Vrbata – His goal stares are legendary, his shot is quick and lethal. He wants line chemistry and he wants it now. But not too much chemistry that would cause one to be…Radioactive. Imagine Dragons

Derek Dorsett – I had a few options for this one but I’ll save the bad choice for Brandon Prust. Dorsy gets the ever fitting Fight music by D12. Its the clean version so its ok for work.

Brandon Prust – This guy has heart, I’ll give him that but his predictable boring fights are waning. Pruster gets the P Diddy – Bad Boys For Life track. He isn’t changing.

You know what, Prusty gets two!

Predictable? Obviously. Great song? Oh ya it is!

Jake Virtanen – Anyone that’s anyone knows big Jake aka Big Country loves him some big hits. What is the best song for hitting people…well Bodies by Drowning Pool is what you might say off the hop but BOOM by P.O.D is what I’m giving Jake. Classic song and it really brings me back to my late teens when I wanted to make big hits on the ice.

Adam Cracknell – Release the Kraken….I’m gonna be real with you right now. I couldn’t find a song and I got lazy for about 10 minutes so I found this hilarious compilation video of Liam Neeson saying Release the Kraken over and over with funny stuff in the middle. Its not even that good but honestly who cares?

Jannik Hansen – Who is by far the leader in failed breakaway attempts on the Canucks? Look no further than Jannik Hansen. If we ran a poll right now, Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson would dominate. So ya, thats what I picked.

Jared McCann – We really don’t know a whole lot about Jared yet but don’t you worry, we will. What we DO know about Jared is his undying love to celebrate goals. He loves em! So why not pick a song that “celebrates” his celebrating? Kool & The Gang – Celebrate Good Times.

Alex Edler – WARNING!!! This song should really be for a former Canuck but considering how many of these boomers he takes, Edler gets the hit track SHOTS by LMFAO and Lil Jon

Chris Tanev – He’s so cool, so smooth. The guy rarely makes a mistake and he bails you out when you’re the goof. The Tan Man gets the soft spoken tune Easy Silence by The Dixie Chicks.

Dan Hamhuis – Theres only one. Its MC Hammer, its U Can’t Touch This and you just need to appreciate it.

Matt Bartowski – Should we care about his song yet? Is he even going to score? What would make sense so far down the roster?

Ryan Miller – Hes the last line of defense. He has to save everything or the Canucks will be in trouble. I was wondering if I would find a way for this song to be chosen. I mean, he’s a goalie, he’s never gonna score. So I figure after every big save that goes to commericial, Big and Rich can play him out.

Ben Hutton – This guy is so popular right now. Everyone on press row craves his stats, he’s a monster on the ice and he forced Frankie Corrado all the way to Leaf land. This guy IS the definition of popular.

Now, who’s left? Oh, the main man himself. Luca Sbisa. For all the hate he gets, all the arm chair GM’s that wish he was gone, he’s a decent guy and this season he could really improve. You’ll like this one.

Luca Sbisa – If there was ever a better song written for Sbizza himself I couldn’t find it. Hanson – Where’s the love?

There it is! The Canucks goal song manifesto. OK, truth be told almost none of these would actually be a song they would play but spending 2 hours on youtube finding a song for each player was a lot of fun.

My personal choice for their goal song would be Whisper and a Clamour by Anberlin. Chorus rocks!

Hopefully my bud Sillig Ekim over at Canucks Army has a better list than this sad sack. Could he actually though?


This is gold.

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It Was Just Supposed To Be A Clothing Brand

The Canucks have taken far too much of my cranial time lately, trying to figure out the next blitzkrieg post to get readers interested and talking about the doom and gloom that is the new Canucks reality. Thankfully, the start of the summer has given me new life to just enjoy what’s right in front of me: my amazing family and the city you are surely jealous of.

With that, I thought, what is interesting enough to read that isn’t about the Canucks? Whether you care or not, Always90four was not supposed to be a blog. OK, lets make this a little more clear: it was supposed to be a clothing brand with a blog that accompanied it much like some of the famous streetwear brands that have taken over North America.

When I was still working sports retail  back in 2004, Von Dutch made its way emergence into the market. At first I thought, “Oh cool, Vin Diesel is wearing it”. It was vintage, it was original and it was….EXPENSIVE. $60 for a mesh hat? You have got to be kidding me? There had to be a better way. LIttle did I know later in life, Macklemore was right.

After seeing one of my co-workers make the plunge, I vowed I could do it just as good or better for a fraction of the price. I didn’t need Von Dutch to be cool, I was already cool. So my journey began.

Nice thought.

I bought a few mesh snapbacks, a few flexfits and constantly doodled in Paint on my laptop at home. Eventually, I turned those hats into a personal brand called Spank. I was excited to show off my wears and those who knew me closely understood what was up.

I didn’t really push it any further but I pretty much wore out those lids, now two of them accompany me to dodgeball. Spank was going to be cool, it was going to be personal and eventually I’d see my logo in stores and I could bid adieu to those high priced garments and offer something that really, all I wanted was to see out there and clog up my closet.

I had friends ask me if I was going to keep going with it and I basically shrugged it off that I didn’t have the artistic ability to take much further without a real artist beside me. And in 2006, Spank as a brand idea basically died when I moved to the Lower Mainland and made a trip to West 4th Ave in Vancouver.

Spank was ALREADY a women’s clothing store. My wife and I walked in and that decided it: it was over. It wasn’t though. A trip later in the fall back home to Kelowna had me laying in bed looking at the ceiling thinking “What would I call this thing, I needed to keep it alive somehow”.

1:00 am came and I swear to you the name just clicked: Always90four. Spelt exactly the way you see it. I was always talking about the Canucks and any time we as fans got debating, it always came back to that magical run in 1994. Sure, the Canucks never won the Cup that year but it was the lightning rod for nostalgia.

I spent 2 hours thinking about all the ideas I could put together and eventually I needed sleep. This was my next step, but how?

I knew I had to have it Canucks based and I wanted the events and street/sport culture of 1994 to be the basis of it. So much happened that year: OJ, the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, Mrs. Doubtfire and so on. I wanted to hold onto a bit of my childhood and give it a modern spin.

There is a clothing brand that I have followed since approx. 2004 called The Hundreds. They started from nothing and now are sold around the world; who knew a little streetwear brand with a cult following could get so big? There are two articles that Bobby Hundreds wrote on their blog that have helped keep my fire burning for what is now Always90four: ABE and Screen Resolution.

I highly suggest you read these two and see how something can come from nothing and how “No” is a state of mind.

My wife first and foremost badgered me to start blogging and get this thing going because quite frankly, no one is going to buy a t-shirt if they have NO IDEA what it’s about. So after a few half hearted attempts with some other blogs, I started this one.

Facebook and Twitter have really helped the blogosphere get the little, unknown blogs off the ground. Writing about the Canucks came natural for me as does humour and fantasy sports rants. I just typed, published and waited.

Tweeting my efforts across the Twitter world to any proven writer that would listen was my goal. Bob McKenzie, Dan Murphy, the Vancouver Canucks, Blake Price and other local talents were my targets…oh and Pass it To Bulis I think.

Then the day came. I got an email from a buddy saying I was going to be famous and blah blah blah. I had no idea what he was getting on about. He told me to check Pass it to Bulis (at the time a Vancouver Sun blog) and sure enough my blog was in the top 4 on their site, linked and everything.

I think i maxed out around 360 people that day and I knew I had to keep going. They had a Stink in Link feature twice a week that exposed blogs from around the land talking Canucks. It got pretty fun after that.

I had joined a few sites that came and went before going back on my own. I decided to just focus on me. A new season had began and Willie Desjardins was the new Canucks coach and somehow his phrase “real good” was getting blown out of proportion. So I typed a little ditty.

So, it went big. Reddit, Canucks Army and their leader, Thomas Drance (big wig blogger at the Sportsnet) noticed. Something around 1300 people read my ramblings that day. But no one knew who I was I thought. I think i peed a bit.

I now write the game day previews for CA and have gained a whole new audience, new friends and a new direction.

From clothing brand to habitual blogger, life’s weird. Oh, and the clothing brand?

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It's like Christmas morning

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Its been a pretty random year but it feels like it’s just beginning. Hopefully hats are the next surge and as for this little blog?

I could only imagine.

photo courtesy:


I am happy to say the 2014 Canucks season is days away. No more talk about who will produce, how far will we go or what kind of sushi does Zack Kassian like, its go time. Below is yet another preview, with pictures though. I bring pictures to the table.

Taken from Google images

I am soooo DY-NA-MITE!!


Its been a long summer in BC; hockey was stolen from us early, unless you cheer for the Blackhawks or something. Many changes have come and some have altered the reality we know every day. Is it possible that the Canucks used addition by subtraction to get better? No one really knows, they never tell us anything.  

The home team bench at the Rog will have some new faces there this season and will miss a few faces, except for Raymond, man did he suck hey? Out is head coach Alain Vigneault and in is the controversial John Tortorella. Torts will bring an immediate change to the Canucks by adding shot blocking to every player’s resume, the twins killing penelties and hey! why not some scoring too? He has warned everyone however that his press conferences have a chance to be swift, not quite taylor, but swift. Check out this little diddy: 

So you can see that Torts already has laid down the ground rules and I kinda like it. AV just let everything flow after awhile and as good of a coach as he was, that doesn’t work forever. A nice kick to the pants for everyone is what the doctor ordered. Did I mention the shot blocking? Ya, they’ll be doing that on the ice this year. Somewhere, Ryan Johnson is happy he’s not here anymore.

Just when you thought Vancity was going with the youth movement, they sent all the kids down to junior. Mike Gillis must know what he has in house already because from what I could see, the kids were alright. Too bad really, Hunter Shinkaruk looked to be the lead candidate to make the team. His knack for big goals and game awareness was surprisingly good. I suppose letting them blossom another year doesn’t hurt too much.

I guess that means that its somewhat status quo this season on the West Coast. The Twins (Daniel and Henrik..but you knew that) will start the season with “Win da turd” himself, Alex Burrows. Nothing new here, but healthy and hungry for change, the start could look ok.

Line two has a 100% healthy Ryan Kesler in the middle. This excites me. Pretty much to level of when a 15 year old girl finds out Justin Bieber is singing at her birthday party.

Im singing at your birthday, but my likeness is on your screen Taken from Google images

Im singing at your birthday, but my likeness is on your screen
Taken from Google images

On the wings this season are going to be what I believe solid linemates. To start Hansen and Higgins will flank Kes, but eventually it will be Burrows and Higgins. The Canucks know what they have for talent and its time to see it stabilize.

Higgins is re-signed and looking to be a Terminator on the ice and he does have some chemistry with Kesler. You gotta believe that eventually things will turn around on this line.

Burrows and Kesler have chemistry from a long time ago and really, that’s what put Burrows on the top line in the first place. Re-lighting an old spark could pay huge dividends, both 5 on 5 and on the PK.

Lines three and four have a bit more work to do but they look like they will have lunch buckets every night. Incoming Zac Dalpe will slot in with Hansen and Booth. David Booth needs to prove himself this year and IF he’s healthy he may get the opportunity to be a big player for Vancouver.

I have liked Booth since the trade a few years ago, he just hasn’t been healthy enough to prove his true worth. He has the hands, a good shot and he can grind. Tough to figure out if he will pan out but it would be a really nice surprise if he did.

I suppose you want me to clean up this mess? Taken from Google images

I suppose you want me to clean up this mess?
Taken from Google images

 And to Luongo we go.

No more trade talks, no more goalie controversy, no more poop jokes. Just kidding, those are still going to hang around. Roberto Luongo is back! He is ready to be #1 again and a new coach, running mate in Eddie Lack and some renewed confidence going into an Olympic year are what Lu is hoping to base his play on.

We all know what Bobby Lu brings to the table; both good and bad. Its time to see what he can do when its on his shoulders again. He has the pedigree to get it done. He has the knowledge of knowing he isn’t going anywhere and has the support of his team mates. He also has a pretty darn good fantasy football team, but that will change come week 13. IM COMING FOR YOU STROMBONE1!!

This Canucks team is ready to take on a new division, a damaged fan base and the rest of the haters across the league. There is ONE Canucks team, ONE goal to win it all and ONE time to get it done: THAT TIME IS NOW.

The puck can’t drop quick enough. Let’s get it on already!

Fantasy Football: Insomnia Express

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks

In a few short days, the 2013 NFL season will being and the global workforce will cease to operate. Wives and girlfriends will simultaneously ask the same question “Is it going to be like this EVERY Sunday?” The answer? Oh you bet your pretty face it is!

That guy in the picture there? Skittles aka Beast Mode aka Marshawn Lynch. A fantasy fooballer’s key to a championship. He consistantly decimates defenses, has a never give up attitude and the boy loves candy when he scores a TD. Gotta respect that.

Every year there is a player that fantasy GM’s scour the web, read draft previews inside and out, watch endless hours of NFL network,and follow every twitter feed that could possibly unearth the key to victory. Since I began playing Fantasy Football back in 2007, I have looked for that guy. He’s out there and he might not be in plain site but he’s there waiting for someone in every league to jump all over him and ride those sweet sweet coat tails.

Whenever a fantasy stud emerges, everyone and Tim Tebow wants to have him on their team. There are a variety of ways this new amazing find can be added but I won’t bore you with the details. Its a rush to see this guy in action and to start dreaming up all the ways he is going to win you the championship or how he will be the best man at your wedding or a wingman for your eventual strike out when he ends up vulturing that hottie at the bar.

Because this is an educational site, nothing but the facts, some blown out of proportion stats, and some good humored ribbing will be found here. So take my hand *reaches out for your hand* lock it in, and get ready for some crazy awesome times ahead…..just a second I have to put my daughter to bed.

OK, sorry about that. Lets get in to…..NO SWEETIE, YOU CAN’T HAVE ANOTHER DRINK, GO TO BED!

Guy mode ACTIVATE.

The year is 2007. Your buddy asks yo to join his Fantasy league. Sure, how hard can it be? I know all the players, this should be fun. HEY WAIT! All the good guys are getting drafted! He should have been there still, pretty sure I was the only guy targeting him.

Enter Brandon Jacobs, running back for the New York Giants. In tandem with Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants rolled this duo, more specifically Jacobs to a Super Bowl ring over the New England Patriots and the infamous David Tyree helmet catch” from Eli Manning.

Brandon Jacobs stat line: 174 receiving yards and 1009 rushing yards for 6 TD. Not a bad find. He was a monster of a man and plowed through defenses continually. The Giants appreciated his efforts, you can count on that!

As HOV says on to the next one…

One year later 2008 produced arguably one of the most exciting football players to walk on the field. His name to many is a mystery. Not because he keeps it a secret, no, its because lately, no one is really sure how many yards he’ll amass this season. The kids around the playground might call him CJ2K, or CJ?K, maybe CJ1K, one of the founding members of Flash and Dash or simply Chris Johnson. CJ took over for Lendale White very early in the season when it was clearly recognized who was the better back. He was fast, he was shifty and he had breakaway speed even after the first tackle. Chris Johnson became a fantasy star almost over night. The next season he would become the 6th player in NFL history to rush for over 2000 yards. He was and is all kinds of awesome.

CJ2K’s stat line in 08: 260 receiving yards and 1228 rushing yards for 10 TD. Not bad, almost Madden numbers for a rookie!

While the world was being introduced to Lady Gaga and seeing the Hangover for the first time, these two homies were tearing up the NFL quicker than Aaron Hernandez could get rid of that gun he tweeted. This is Ray, last name Rice, so amazing we have to say it UH GAIN!! His division rival in Pittsburgh was having a good year too. This is Mike “60 minutes” check yo watch Wallace.

Mike Wallace, living in the shadows of Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes, put up a great 09 season. Nothing that will go down in the record books, but he was a huge addition to the Steelers offense and made them a Super Bowl Champion. Did I mention he was on the waiver wire for pretty much every league?
Wallace da kid stat line: 756 receiving yards for 6 TD

Ray Rice was making a name for himself over in Baltimore at the same time. He was a short pug type back who made defenses think twice about stopping him; not they could. Everyone wanted a Rice type player and if you were lucky he was on your team quick.
Rice stat line: 702 receiving yards and 1339 rushing yards for 8 TD


2010, the beginning of a new era.

This was the season two men took the stage. 2010 revealed Arian Foster and Peyton Hillis. Arian was a preseason draft pick in many leagues, but no one could know how amazing he was really going to be. Peyton Hillis made people quickly pay attention to what was going to happen that season.
Combined, these two would rack up 1081 receiving yards, 2793 rushing yards and 31 TD. Sadly, Hillis dropped off the map but Foster is still a top 3 back if he’s healthy. This was also the year that if you had Arian Foster, you probably won your league. I did not have him.

Four years prior, David Tyree made the NY Giants Superbowl Champions with the helmet catch and in 2011 it was a different receiver who was turning heads. The Giants would go on Cruz Control and again beat the New England Patriots for their 2nd title in four years.
Victor Cruz stepped out in 2011 and was an instant add by the end of week one. He never looked back. I’ll say, Chunky’s ad? You got it made son! Fork or a spoon though?
Cruz stat line: 536 receiving yards for 9 TD

And finally 2012. Some thought it was the end of the world. It wasn’t. Some thought Lindsay Lohan would change. She didn’t. Some thought I would be less hairy. Ok that actually happened. But then it went back. To be fair it grew back in 2013 so I kept that promise.
Lets take a journey to the planet Melmack. Alien lifeforms are thriving with corn like noses. Cats are no where to be seen. And lost in it all is Alfred Morris. The tough part about this season was that a Washington Redskin was a breakout player. Luckily, I had the foresight to snag this gem before the greedy paws around my league could get him first.

ALF as Dave Richard from CBS Sports dubbed him was a runaway threat. He caught, he rushed he blocked. RG III was supposed to be the star but he ended up sharing the spotlight with ALF. No one was happier than fantasy owners across the country…ok the Seahawks were happier but lets not ruin this run here.
ALF stat line: 1610 rushing yards for 13 TD…shizaaaam that is cray! Did I mention I have him?

So to summarize this wording collaboration, you too can snag one of these fine fellas in your fantasy league. Just do your homework, study hard read the blogs, the twitters and endless hours of television. OR….you could randomly watch the one game on TV that ends up changing your season. Good luck, because I’m going to get him first.

Also, YOLO.

All stats provided by

When Fantasy becomes Reality

how many times do you have to fail before you succeed?

Fantasy Football season is upon us. I have already finished one draft which took 4 days to complete but should be a lot of fun. I have 2 more this week and one with the man himself, @strombone1 aka roberto Luongo. Its been a good week.

The fun thing about fantasy football is that its always a work in progress. You get to be an allstar GM and decide who you believe should be the best starters come sunday. Its part video game, part reality. The beauty of it all is in this age of technology, you have hundreds of other GMs and sources who can help you win your way to that glorious fake trophy.


I can tell you what to do, but if you look at my track record, I haven't won yet, big problem. I feel like the Browns. But thats ok. Im going to hopefully give you a week by week detail of how to or how not to play this game.

If I have it my way, which in this case I do, this should be a smashing success.

Wish me luck!

Swagga Like Us

You can pay for school but you can’t buy class. In Tiger’s case, very true. He hasn’t had a bulletproof career drawing hate from the people that think he hurts golf because its all about Tiger, and well, everyone that thinks he’s a sleezeball.

Sure, Tiger can be both those things, but he doesn’t come out and address it.

Tiger Woods is going for Major # 15 this weekend and win # 80. If you are keeping score like Im sure he is, he would be 3 wins away from being the all time leader and 4 Majors away from being all time in that category.

Tiger has been making a charge this year and has contended in many tournaments and already won 5. Look for him to once again be the favorite when the trophy is handed out on sunday.

He has learned how to get back to being, well, Tiger. That scares everyone when he is on his game because they all know they are playing for second place at that point.

His personal life seems to be private again, he is back to being cocky I feel I should win every weekend Tiger and quite frankly, he should win every weekend. I hope he does win. I think golf is better when Elderick is leading.

The clip above proves why Tiger is above and beyond every golfer that ever played. His skill set is the stuff of legends. He zones in and lets loose, Ford has nothing on his Focus, but they sure wish their cars drove like he does.

Tiger is back, golf likes it and come sunday, i see myself watching Tiger dominating Oak Hill.

Tiga Tiga Woods Y’all. He’s back

What is in your music machine?

I have my music surrounding me everywhere whether I’m writing this, drafting my fantasy team, driving to work, or playing some madden. I really don’t have a set list of what gets me going but i like to make sure I’m not bored.

I find if I’m playing football, i like to have an album go front to back, driving i need something loud and sing a longful? When i write i like to have hip hop going. It just keeps my head bobbin and the ideas flowing. Listening to jay z and Kanye gets my blood going and i usually get a good sports ref from them.

What do you have that moves you? Music is key in sports, you really don’t realize it until you think about it. Last 30 seconds of a penalty kill, a missed shot, touchdown, goal, huge dunk, or a great play to end an inning. Every song shapes the game you watch. Every time i hear chelsea dagger, i know its bad, but when i hear BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, i know we are in the game.

Im always a huge fan of warmups too! Teams that take their warmup music seriously, get the nod. Hockey usually gets it right. My hometown Kelowna rockets know how to get the younger generation engaged, the Canucks got it down to a science, until puck drop anyways. The Seahawks have a great opening and you have to give the nod to the Yankees. When Jeter came out to empire state of mind, you knew that he just owned the place.

I think back to the good ol days when you had your ghetto blaster outside playing street hockey and you had dance mix 93 or jock jams or contact. It just made your fun that much better.

Music and sports are a marriage that will never break up, its here for the long run.

Well Coach, How are you gonna change our team?

Now that Brooksy has it through his head that John Tortorella is the Canucks new head coach, what is Torts going to bring to our team?

We all know JT has temper, he’s quick witted and strong willed. In Vancouver, that might be a good thing. Looking down the line of coaches who have come short of a Cup, Torts is one of two coaches who previously coached a Stanley Cup winning team.

Will the Nucks be his second ring? I sure hope so, but right now that is a mere pipe dream.

John has a lot to do to bring the Canucks back to superstardom. They don’t score near enough goals like they used to, their powerplay is non existant, they have a goalie who may or may not want to play here and I THINK, an identity crisis.
I wish the fix was as easy as buying a new corvette, but everyone on this team can do much better than that, and there is no mid life crisis.

There are some serious fixes needed this season and John Tortorella may be one fix that trickles down into the rest of them. From the outside, he looks like a guy that can get the most out of his guys and he makes his teams work hard, I like that.

I want to know if he will challenge @strombone1 for the team poker title. If you saw the HBO series 24/7 he was quite a character and it kept everyone tuning in. Alain was a similar coach who was withheld a bit as well. No information is information in Vancity, so don’t think there won’t be soundbites when he says nothing.

I don’t want to beat this drum too hard so I will leave it at this: Torts will need to turn around a team that was 2 years removed from the Cup being in the hall next to the Canucks dressing room, and he will need to get that team with a few matured parts back there.

Godspeed Coach