Bo And Ed’s Avalanche Adventure

Oh the storylines that run wild in the National Hockey League. Usually when someone writes about the Canucks and a player’s first ever NHL game, it involves the opposing team and the Canucks being scored on by said player. But this is a different tale. Not since the days of Cody Hodgson has a Canuck prospect been heralded like Bo Horvat. In his NHL debut he shared the feat with a fellow team mate, Alex Edler, having HIS first game as well against the Avs many moons ago.

Bo Horvat and Alex Edler couldn’t be two more different types of players if they tried: one is a forward the other is a defenseman, Bo is 18, while Edler is 28, Edler is swedish and well, you get the picture. Its a tale of two men brought together with the same defining statistic: they both played their first ever NHL game vs. the Colorado Avalanche. Does this really matter? Well no, no it doesn’t. Neither player scored in their debut, had a point or knew where their next step would be.

Fortunately, for the Canucks, they have 2 players that could fit the bill, actually the Ted, for the Excellent Adventure. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter had different results after that movie. One guy was in Speed and the other….well, he was told to stop acting. Basically, the Nucks have 2 Keanus.

Alex Edler has since gone on to play over 500 NHL games, won a silver medal for Sweden at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and was on the front sports page when he leveled Drew Doughty in the playoffs a few years ago.

This is not that hit, stupid internet.
Photo courtesy of nwsportsbeat.com

For Mr. Horvat, it’s just the beginning. When you don’t have any overly memorable plays aside from an almost goal credited to you, you rely on the little things, things that Pass it to Bulis has covered shift by shift. We all have such lofty expectations for this young chap and as long as he progresses like he should, there will be reason to cheer for Bo.

Sure, there will be t-shirts with Bo Knows on them, or Horvat hears a Boo (unlikely, cuz he’s so good), maybe Bo’s before Horvats…c’mon im clean. This hype machine isn’t going to die and before you know it, he’ll score and we’ll anoint him the next one to lead us. That’s life as a Canucks fan, we’re easily fooled.

As the games go on and hopefully this season it’s more than nine, Bo can settle into life as a Canuck and find his way into the NHL. From there, his skill will take over.

So GO ON YOUNG HORVAT, score your goals, play your hockeys; but remember, its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the bite in the….I was never good at motivational speeches.

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The Arrival Of Bo Horvat

Like a Justin Bieber concert, Canucks fans are getting excited for The Arrival of Bo Horvat. Its intense! I don’t even think Cody Hodgson received this much fan fare, although he definitely had a rough go to start his NHL career in Vancouver. Horvat will get his start against an absolutely boring team in the Nashville Predators. Shea Weber, just give it up already and move on.

Horvat definitely wasn’t stunning in his pro debut with Utica, registering 0 points and 4 PIM in his conditioning stint. It would have been nice to see some productive line chemistry with BFF Hunter Shinkaruk but its way too early to expect mountains from molehills.


He wants to be a Canuck so bad, you can see it.
Photo courtesy thecanuckway.com

Bo Horvat will slide into the 4th line center job most likely and he may be utilized on the wing for a game or so. Unlike Ryan Kesler, Bo is capable and willing to play two different forward positions and can actually help his team mates in that fashion. With bottom six forwards like Linden Vey, Brad Richardson and Derek Dorsett buzzing, Horvat might get to play on a line that benefits his talents solely. Jannik Hansen and Shaun Matthias may get some time with Bo and if Horvat DOES stick, it wouldn’t shock me to see Chris Higgins and/or Nick Bonino test his skill set.

I know I have overhyped this kid but things are going well and we finally have a prospect that we haven’t traded away, pissed off his dad/agent or over criticized his production. Bo gets to come in and show his talents for 9 games and quite frankly if he puts in a good enough effort, he won’t be going back to junior.

The Bo, ladies and gentlemen, has arrived.

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