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The Most Important NHL Mock Draft To End All Mock Drafts

If you play fantasy sports you no doubt have dabbled in the mock draft world to see how your draft position would pan out and what you likely would get through a real test. Mock drafts can be fun and can help strategize how to find the good talent when others leave it on the board. Now that the NHL lottery has been revealed everyone knows that the Canucks will pick seventh overall.

Who does Jim Benning select with that pick? It could shake down a few different ways but many believe no matter what they do, the pick has to be a defenseman. It won’t be Rasmus Dahlin but even Shea Weber and Duncan Keith didn’t go in the first round. Good players can be had at any pick and after an explosive 2017 draft for Vancouver, Benning will need to shrewdly swing for the fences again.

But, you came here to see a mock draft and not just any mock draft but THE most important NHL mock draft to end all mock drafts. Mocks are fun to read, they allow us to daydream about what could be and it’s a lot more fun than saying “Hey, the Canucks sure do suck still. They’re going to suck for awhile. I wish they’d stop sucking.” People mock draft because they believe they have a good idea of how it will all play out and we all love to see who’s the smartest.

However, you won’t find any references to where Quinton Hughes will fall to or if the Canucks will most likely choose Noah Dobson. Brady Tkachuk is far, far away from this list as well. So what are we talking about then?

I bring to you, the mock draft you’ve all been waiting for, a top-10 because I don’t think I could figure it out past that.


1: Wayne Gretzky – The Great One had his own “99” branded mock turtle and if Wayne isn’t the first pick in this, I’ve done hockey a great disservice. This one here is the Easton model and he was the dad brand before dad brands were cool.

DATE TAKEN: 5/21/93—LA Kings Wayne Gretzky stands on the ice, 5/21/93, in a game against Toronto. ORG XMIT: UT3537

2: Tomas Plekanec – When Plekanec was traded to the Leafs this season he was welcomed back to Montreal with many of his former mates donning the mock. It was a thing of beauty. Finding TP without his trusty mock turtleneck is like the Sedins without the cycle, not gonna happen.

3: Alexei Yashin – If Yashin wore anything but that shirt underneath his jersey for his career, I’d never know. Yashin’s look was as iconic as Arturs Irbe’s look in net. That’s something you don’t forget.


4: Steve Yzerman – Stevie Y isn’t someone that immediately comes to mind with the mock but the proof is in the pudding. Imagine if he wore the thin-framed coke bottle glasses, he’d look like a Steve Jobs clone.

5: Mario Lemieux – It was tough to find more than one photo of the Magnificent one but it’s safe to say if he wore one, no one was brave enough to tell him not to. Super Mario did it all so it’s not surprising he donned an ugly looking undershirt.

Dugger Sports NHL

6: Ilya Kovalchuk – Again, not someone you’d expect to see wear the mock but it’s the truth. He’ll be expected to wear that again in the Big Apple next fall.

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7: John Tortorella – Torts makes the list as a coach and quite frankly, that’s fine. He sneaks them in every now and then in Columbus and he actually makes them work. The first and only coach to crack the list.


8: Jaromir Jagr/Luc Robitaille – I don’t even know what this is. It counts. They make the list. Now forget you saw it.


9: Jaroslav Spacek – It took an outdoor game to track down this one and boy oh boy, was it tough. Thankfully, he made it look good. Looking back, this jersey was a good look altogether. I wonder if the Slug will ever return for an outdoor game?

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10: Alexei Kovalev – How could we forget Kovalev? He didn’t wear it often but he did bring it out for the Penguins and Canadiens. A fitting final pick to this mock draft.



So there you have it – the mock draft to end all mock drafts. If you hate mock drafts then this one will absolutely cause you to never click on one again and just ride it out until the real draft in June. It was as excruciating for me as I’m sure it was for you. The moral of the story is that they should bury this shirt, it doesn’t look good. Hopefully, you had a good quick laugh and can now move on.



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